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Ajoutez à tout ça les gros mailorders anglo-saxons qui tuent la concurrence. Ils sont nombreux à acheter directement aux US vu que le dollar est très faible en ce moment. Mais les il faut supporter votre shop local, c'est super important! Sans shop local, la scène n'est pas cohérente, ça ne marche plus.

Et puis bien sûr, comme dans tous les milieux, trop de mecs font des petits coups dans leur coin et ça pourrit le marché. Car même si ce constat est un peu noir et démotivant, le BMX a encore de beaux jours devant lui. Ils n'ont demandé de compte à personne, ils ont fait leur truc dans leur coin, et au final, le projet est fantastique. On voit aussi de plus en plus de BMX dans les médias mainstream. L'arrivée de la race aux Jeux Olympiques, les pubs à la télé, les films comme Le Transporteurles images dans les JT… Bref, le BMX n'est plus considéré en France comme une 'contre-culture', mais bien comme un sport à part entière.

Les mentalités évoluent. Les mairies ont compris que construire des skateparks préfabriqués ne menait pas loin et enfin des skateparks en béton de très haute qualité sortent de terre en Île-de-France. Parallèlement aux médias mainstream, les médias core se bougent aussi. Soul et Figuré viennent de fusionner, et le magazine DIG est redevenu indépendant.

Ce genre d'action fait du bien au BMX. De plus, les marques extra-sportives supportent le BMX.

../events/Redbull Circle Of Balance 2002

At the Worlds they were talking of having a flatland only contest and that was in their minds for the last 2 years. Finding a location Gasometer Oberhausen was a tough job but on October 26th it was battle day. The Numbers riders from 10 different countries battleling for Euro The Gasometer is located in Oberhausen Germany and was an old building to store gas for the factories in the neighbourhood, its m high and made out of 4mm thick steel.

The stands were made of concrete and steel and there was a big steel circle with fences where the audience could stand on and watch the riders.

It was not the usual format of giving points to the riders skills but more of a breakdance battle type of contest. Six groups of 3 riders started and from each group 2 riders advanced to the folowing round with 12 riders in 4 groups to 8 riders that competes directly to each other as a real head to head battle. From the 8 riders it went to 4 than you have a battle for 3rd and 4th place and the final with 2 riders who battle for the first and second place.

Imagine this: you get a free plane ticket to Germany, free hotel, free towel, backpack and jacket with sewn in name and COB logo, free food, free drinks, free bowling evening, free transportation, and on top of that you could win a first price of Euro ,-!!!! Everything was running smooth, Andy, Robert, Oli and the rest of the crew worked their ass off to make it the riders, judges and press so comfortable as possible and they did a very good job.

It is funny to see that the riders are so competitive and were trying to win that special painted bowlingpin that was for grabs as first price. Vicky and Nathan were not very serious to score points but they were VERY serious in breaking the bowlinglane and machine. Throwing balls from above the head and more than 4 at one time killed the machine and it was over for the last lane in the bowlingalley.

Mike Mcqueen of Props won the first price and was very very happy with that coming over from the USA for the first time and winning a bowlingcontest in Germany will be in his memory forever. The food and drinks were provided by the organisation and everyone had enough except for a few that ended up in the hotelbar.

They solved that with a cool selection through their website: www. These tickes were included food and drinks so were sold in notime, no ticket no entrance was the rule but after some little problems everyone made it in.

The upperring was crowded but the stairs were a bit overcrowded but nobody seems to care cause the action on the floor did everything else to make it worth to stay. Everyone had a good time and stayed till late and the circle of balance turned into a big circle of partypeople. ROUND 2: Next Round was a tough one, 4 groups of 3 riders, this means that if you made a mistake it should kick you out and they only had 6 minutes per group so you had to do really good in the rest of the runs to keep you in the battle.

York Ono mayby had some luck in the first round but he ran out in this one, he can go back to Japan with a big smile on his face. Mike S. Matt Wilhelm thought he could spin his way into the finals but that was wrong, he was not qualified to be with the last 4 riders this time. Matti Rose was riding better than I ever saw him ride but I have to say it was really Vicky that deserved to win. James Alberto was drunk as hell for the first time I saw that happen and Hoite Polkamp was even worser walking into the bushes and fell asleep while it was almost freezing.

What happend later that night is not to say right now, we have to fix that first and you will hear that story later or mayby not at all.

Red Bull Skylines 2012 - BMX Contest at the Grand Palais - Riders Match

THANKS: Thanks to Oli from Redbull, Robert, Andy, Peter and Daniel of Teampromotion, All 18 riders for the best flatland comp of all time, the judges and headjudge for doing a very difficult job whithout real screwups, Bartenders for the supply of Heineken and Redbulls, The audience for being the best crowd ever, Gasometer for the nice building, Lennhof hotel for the service, The bowlingalley for not kicking the cabrons out, Redbull landrover drivers for the rides, we hope to see you somewhere, sometime in a similar event, it RULED!!!!!!!!

Results: 1. Matti Röse Germany 3. Announcing X Games Chongli Skateboard Highlights: X Games Shanghai. Real Moto Real BMX Real Street Real Snow Eric Koston: The State of Skateboarding. Report a Bug Ads on XGames. Voici Bruno Hoffmann.