Botox lepper

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Rouges à lèvre liquide MAT affair bellaoggi! I sought for advice and I contacted Dr. Gerard Lalande who directed me to a specialist of this disease at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital. I met this doctor who after having carefully studied the various lab. Results has offered very detailed explanations about the various possible treatment currently available.

The dialogue was clear direct giving a high level comfort so that eventually I could make a decision with confidence. The referral service was not only efficient but it was also provided in an environment that cultivates high professionalism, trust and confidentiality. I would definitely recommend Dr Lalande and will not hesitate to call on him again for my family and friends if need be. Bangkok, Thailand.

Because I know that they will find the most capable specialist in the region to look after me. I used them about a month ago as I needed to be re-assured quickly and they find the right Doctor at the right place and got me an appointment in a very short notice. With best regards.

He knows lots of Thai doctors and more importantly lots of them know him very well. I must say that he was rapidly able to find the right specialist I needed in Bangkok. Interestingly, the doctor I was referred to, did follow up and closely keep Dr Lalande informed so that he was also able to provide me with very useful additional information in French too about my condition and my treatment. I would highly recommend CEO-HEALTH professional medical service to anyone looking for any recommendation or referral to a Thai physician for treatment or simply for a trustworthy second opinion.

La première consultation a été grandement facilitée car le médecin avait été préalablement informé par le Dr Lalande. De plus, restant en contact avec le médecin traitant, il a pu me procurer des informations complémentaires très utiles en Français!

Philippe Watine French résident, Pattaya, Thailand. Je me suis enregistré à cet hôpital afin de parfaire mon dossier chez eux.

Natasha Poliansky Teacher, Phuket, Thailand. Though it can sometimes become a little delicate when it comes down to serious matters such as health.

The different language, culture and mentality, the strong advertising and marketing in the medical environment, can suddenly make things very confusing when your health condition requires a more specific diagnosis. Of course, one always hopes to be taken care of by professionals with experience that could help them understand what is best for them. And it is not always easy to find such people.

Thanks to his medical experience and great knowledge of the Thai medical professional world, I managed getting the kind of guidance I was hoping for. He suggested I come to Bangkok and arranged two appointments with doctors specialized in the fields of endocrinology and dermatology.

Apart from being rapid, his intervention was serious and efficient and his recommendations turned out to be most valuable. His ability to discern the matter and to determine my specific needs was a relief. The kind of moral support such good consultancy represents when facing health issues is priceless.


And I felt I had to share my experience in that way. Lin Saingam Bangkok, Thailand. He has been extremely helpful in referring me to qualified and responsive specialists who he has had the pleasure with working with in the past. The referral service was not only appreciated but very professional and I felt like I could trust the doctors.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Gerard then recommended that I see a spine orthopedist at another hospital where he identified the specialist that I should see and also arranged an appointment for me. Although I did not engage CEO-HEALTH in this instance I still received excellent advice and support from Gerard, before and after the appointment, to the extent that I am now undergoing a course of treatment, which I believe will largely undo the damage to my spine. Dr François J.

Picard 37, avenue Jean Moulin, Paris, France.

At the sunrise of this second life, I decided to rejuvenate my facial appearance by getting rid of the sagging of my eyelids, cheeks and neck. The challenge was to perform the whole set in a tight schedule between two consultancies. A soon as I chose operation dates, he selected the most appropriate surgeon and hospital, managed information flow, organized the detailed schedule to be executed in a two-week period. My wife and I arrived in Bangkok on a Wednesday. We spent the following day as shopping tourists in Bangkok city.

Day two, started with my first meeting with a top-level plastic surgeon, followed by the full set of back-to-back pre-operation medical exams, including an unexpected chest MRI scan which need was revealed in the course of the process luckily nothing wrong was found.

No waste of waiting-time in between exams. All moves were assisted by professionally competent and pleasant nurses in the soft atmosphere of the well-known hospital in Bangkok.

DGL was closely monitoring all steps. I immediately felt fully comfortable: the surgeon inspired my full confidence, and everything was working as a Swiss clock. The five-hour operation took place on Saturday. The mirror gave me a first surprise: I recognized my eyes!

Although swelling, they were mine! This was so important for me! Second surprise, at the bottom of my balloon-like head, my neck and Adam apple were back!

Third, admittedly the immense discomfort, I felt no real pain; one gram of Tylenol every four hours took full control of it.

It was a sunny Monday 5 days after landing in Bangkok. I kept quiet in my bedroom for the next two days, enjoying videos, and physical inactivity, emailing good news to my daughters. Tylenol routine every four hours to keep discomfort at an acceptable level; wonderful Thai food between quiet naps; all-in-all, a quite appreciated break in my busy life.

Wednesday was time to completely unwrap the head and remove the surgery threads around the eyes. We went to a nice Thai restaurant, and I was so happy to mix with the rest of the clientele without attracting any enquiring eye. Three more days of quiet resting were requested before going back to the hospital to remove the threads of the cheeks and neck liftings.

I was so pleased to compliment to Thai surgeon regarding his artistic sculpturing performance on my face, in the presence of DGL.