Cheveux tres fins cassants

Quantity of products: products that remain on the hair or scalp are perceived by the body as intrusive external elements, and therefore potential enemies. The scalp is exhausted trying to eliminate them. After a shampoo, the hair should be smooth and crunch under the fingers. No residue should remain there. Use vinegar in the last rinse water to restore the immune system of the scalp. This one will make the hair perfectly shiny.

Avoid the use of a hair dryer, as much as possible. Drying in the open does not damage the cuticle of the hair, and the hair is brighter. Minimize the application of conditioners, detanglers, etc. A damaged hair: what remedies?

It is easy to take some healthy habits. In the list below, choose the ones that suit you best. Some require more care, others are very easy. After the shampoo, apply Aloe Vera gel, massage the hair, wait a few moments penetration of the product is very fastand rinse thoroughly. Aloe vera gel is indicated for any problem: oily, dry hair or presence of dandruff. It cleanses the scalp and nourishes the hair. Effective after a few applications only. It also improves rinsing if you have a hard water.

Use a horn comb : to limit aggression to the scalp, and limit tension during styling.

Cheveux tres fins cassants

In addition, its composition closes the scales of the hair and respects their cuticle, which is one of their main defenses against drying out. The use of vinegar in the last rinse water is also a solution in case of dandruff. It is both disinfectant and healing.

However, some people with scalp lesions may experience a burning sensation during application. Try to use mild shampoos, or the least aggressive possible. Always buy pharmacy products. They are more expensive, but avoid disappointments. In addition, it quickly saves money by limiting the number of shampoos and the amount of product to use they are more effective than those of supermarkets, so it is recommended to limit the amount to apply. More restrictive but very effective: every 4 to 8 weeks, apply on the entire scalp and hair a vegetable oil of your choice.

Olive oil is particularly good, but all the oils on the market can be used, including the cheapest ones. Let it penetrate for about an hour it is possible to speed up the process by slightly heating the hair with a hair dryer.

To rinse, keep to this: always apply the shampoo of your choice without water, leave for a few moments, wet slightly to lather and rinse. Renew if necessary on wet hair. In anti ride gel aloe vera achat of health problems, it is possible to add a few drops of essential oil to the treatment oil or Aloe Vera gel.

Clary sage essential oil is especially recommended to promote hair regrowth. Rosemary is a natural balancer. For dandruff, you can also put lavender or cinnamon attention: it can also cause burning sensations during application. Always be very careful with essential oils: do not apply pure, limit the application on children, pay extreme attention to the eyes in case of contact, rinse thoroughly! Review your hair routine. First of all, space your shampoos.

One every 3 to 6 days is enough. Especially no daily shampoo! Do not use a large area shampoo, choose a pharmacy shampoo or a natural shampoo.

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