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Informations concernant les données de statistiques de Page. Hamburger Winterdom Food at Winter Wonderland is amazing! Here's my video showing off the awesome little Cranger Weihnachtszauber!

Diary of a RollerCoaster Girl a partagé une publication. In no particular order and apologies to those missed off the list!

Jon helped spark this project off when brainstorming ideas to make Worthing more fun. In year 1 Jon and I pulled off a comicon in Worthing despite not having been to one before we started the project we went to one and left after an hour because it was so crowded. In year 1 we pulled off a successful day event and the coolest party at St Pauls Worthing has ever seen.

Somehow we didn't go under financially. Daniel Schofield who joined us as a guest manager and has helped bring some fantastic guest actors, authors and artists to Wormhole. He also brings "Con experience " to the team and we are looking forward to working with Dan going forward. Mike Richards is a bit of an unsung hero. Mike has produced many great videos for Wormhole including the ones you may have seen at the Dome Cinema thanks to them for their support.

He is also our fliering machine - he has probably handed out more fliers promoting the event than the rest of us combined.

Restaurant Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner

Petra Lleyn is the least Geeky person you could meet, but she has thrown herself into this event with a smile. She has done everything from poster design, making table cloths to being lead steward this year in the main hall.

We have had so much good feedback about her friendly and professional manner! Andy Kybett who has been a guru and trusted friend of Wormhole for the last 2 years or so. We share many of the goals and ethics of Wyntercon and have been proud to work with them and lend them our time and support where we can. Lucy Horrocks and Glenn Colbran this year. We are excited that Andy is jopining us as a director for Trish Murrell is our risk assessment Queen and has helped shaped Cre8ion St8ion.

We believe we are the only U. Convention to have a dedicated family and children centred creative zone. Trish is doer.

Thanks to her and her team in that zone. Also special mention to James Waterfield Lawn of the Dead UK who not only runs amazing painting workshops but also helps promote us at other events and ran a workshop at our Worthing Artists Open Houses exhibition.

Thanks to our sponsors St. Also stratospherec who sponsored the G4ming St8tion. Thanks to our media partners Ditzy Media who added to our skill set and helped promote us. To Inside Worthing Liana Naylor who promoted us twice in her superb local magazine and also turned up in Cosplay to promote her creative writing competition.

To Discover Worthing for helping to promote us. Low on this list but still HIGH praise to Online Ticket Seller and Christos Stylianou for the levels of service provided over 3 years and running the box office on the day.

Screwed for designing our stunning logo s I've always had a weird soft spot for Kamikiri every since I drew this hair cutting goblin back in February, so I decided to get in some facial expression practise today. I think I managed to draw 22 different expressions! Which expression is your favourite? It has scissor-like claws and a long sharp beak.

It uses these claws to indiscriminately cut the hair of unsuspecting victims. Kamikiri hide in dark places or under roof tiles, waiting until night time so it can get down to the business of swifty cutting people's hair as they sleep. I look foward to seeing it February next year. It's a video of me at Worthing Wormhole! Vanessa Knott on Worthing Wormhole held on 9th November As always at comic cons, you'll be sure to see lots of fantastic cosplayers.

It was quite busy so I didn't have much opportunity to take lots of photos, but here are just a few of the fantastic people who attended Worthing Wormhole. A special thank you to the wonderful people who bought one of my watercolour postcards! It was a pleasure to meet you at Worthing Wormhole. Thank you to everyone who said hello and stopped by my table yesterday! It was really lovely meeting you all, chatting and exchanging my art for coin!

It really was a fun comic con. As always, it was great meeting the cosplayers, artists and authors who attended Worthing Wormhole. It was also lovely catching up with those who attended Wyntercon back in September. All the amazing organisers and volunteers have created such a fantastic family friendly comic con.