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We also offer very competitive Life Assurance In addition to the bonus program they have a rating system which is the most stressful policy I have ever worked for. You have to obtain a 4. I have now over rides and sit at a 4. Don't Do It! They are so decentralized and dehumanized that they are dysfunctional. As long as you drive for them, shut up and smile and go along with whatever nonsensical business plan they devise, all is fine. The minute that you speak up, or something does not go their way, "poof" you're gone!

I mean gone, with no say in the matter and no one to plead your case to. I drove for the evil empire for over a year.

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We had a bad storm in our town one week and I went over the prescribed number of hours recommended by the PUC. Not a violation mind you, just an internal guideline that UBER put in place. Not tested or validated in any way that I could see.

I was immediately deactivated from their platform. I visited the local office and got a bunch of smoke and mirrors BS from a very incompetent staff.

They are the dregs and rejects from the tech industry and landed a position that pays them well. They're not about to mess that up. I was summarily deactivated, my email account, driver account everything! I don't believe UBER owns 1 telephone. So not having your e-mail account, good luck trying to get in touch with anyone at a corporate office or an HR office to plead your case. This is the biggest bunch of BS I've ever seen. I'm not a sour grapes drive, this is just an unjust crock of!

I did over 3, rides and maintained a rating of 4. Pure BS company. If you're looking to become a driver for Uber, there are some things you need to know before you invest the time and money. Your income will not be what you think it will be because there are too many drivers, and not enough demand. This is because of 1 and 2.

The more drivers you refer, the less money you and every other driver will make. There is nothing you can do about it except not drive for Uber.

If you are someone who takes good care of your car, you will find yourself in a futile, time-consuming, money-consuming effort to keep it nice. Most people simply do not care about your car, their car, or anyone else's car.

To them, it's just a car and it's supposed to be messed up. You will regret it and find yourself living in your car until it is repossessed. Tear up your car, waste ridiculous amounts of gasoline, and be judged over the most trivial and senseless of things by strangers.

Driving yourself to poverty and killing your car. Pay varies but you can make money. I enjoy working for Uber but there are pros and cons. Pros: You get to work the hours that you want, also Uber does tell you when the most busiest times to work are available. The customers that I had have been great. Most of the management staff that I spoke with and the emails that I received were very friendly and responded very promptly.

Cons: The pay varies and most people don't tip well as other driving jobs. There's no benefits, if you want to make money you do at times have to work long hours, your pay can vary from week to week. The surge areas disappear just as fast as they appear, so it's harder to get some of the surge fares. No benefits and surges fares disappears as fast as they appear, little to non-existent tips.

I just began driving for Uber about 3 days ago and after spending about 5 hours behind the wheel i was about to make about The Uber app that is used to maintain the riders location and destination should be upgraded.

The app only gives you a general location of the rider's location if they are in an apartment complex. It would also be nice if Uber let the drivers know where the rider's destination is. In case you need to stop and get gas or have to refuse the trip. The company does answer your questions rather quick and adjust your rates if needed.