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The rules are also written in that comprehensive spirit which characterises the ques- tions asked in Examination papers. The rules are arranged with that end in view, and a very simple system of underlining words, and marking them with asterisks, is meant to bring back to the pupiFs remembrance those which, by reason of their frequent application, ought never to be lost sight of. A translation of the exercises printed in parallel columns with the text.

Some more directions for the master's use. In addition to those important innovations we beg to men- tion here a few improvements on existing systems : 1. From to idiomatic expressions have been introduced in the 2nd part, and as carefully graduated as possible. Those rules of translation the application of which recurs in almost every sentence have been set apart at the beginning of the second year — first term, and third year — first, second, and third terms, with special instructions concerning them.

The rapidity with which a language can be learned depends of course on the amount of time devoted to study. For in less than that time a language cannot possibly be learned in schools where so many subjects take up the pupil's time. We beg here to thank our numerous subscribers for their intelli- gent support which has encouraged us to publish this new grammar ; the Rev. Henry Becke, M. Jirst art or geat. This chapter should be read by beginners once a week at least; great attention must be paid to the following rules when reading the exercises : — I.

The last consonant of a word is sounded when the next word begins with a vowel or a silent K S at x sound then almost like z Ex. The ending ent of a verb is not pronounced. C with a cedilla should be sounded like s. He is at Paris. The castle. The young mafi. The head ; the feast To finish; to fancy. The shelter ; an abyss. The boot ; the post office. The rest ; the back, Tlie aposth ; yours. Let us flee. The hyena; Cyprus.

La pifece ; la nifece, La pierre ; le lierre, Miauler, Dieu ; le milieu, I have; awnivefrsary. The vein ; the qwen. The law ; the goose ; the wood, Thejruit ; the well.

Beautiful; the present The fire; the game; the vow. The toy; anger. The cab ; the diahgiLC. The masque anti rides homme 2014 idiotic. Diurnal, Pity ; a trade. The piece ; the niece. The stone ; ivy. To mew. God; the middle.

L'enfant; amputer, Entendre ; empor- ter, Enfant in ; le pain, Le pont ; rompre, Chacun; leparfum. The child ; to cut off. To hear ; to carry away. Childish ; the bread. The bridge ; to break. Each one ; the perfume. THE master's book. A beam ; the nation The comer ; the JUL 4. I EIGN tf Ruddy ; the vine. Mourning ; the leaf. The daughter; the family. Rust ; the spoils. The mountain; magnifi- cent.

The reign ; to reign. The comb; to comb. The line ; to lay out in a line. The work ; onion. Repugnance; to be re- pugnant 5. Courage; the scene. The boy ; the gender. The taste ; a leg of mut' ton. Charity; the chaos. The hero; hatred Man; an historian. Chrtrude joy. Poison ; the birds. Sugar ; an insect, A bite; sure. Tea; a theatre. Arithmetic, Democracy; a prophecy. The going out ; a perdre 4 kilos à 60 ans uefa. The nation; the functions.

The constitution. Six; ten; Brussels, To exaggerate; examina- tion. Vexing; Alexander, 6. The duke. The sack. David, The South. Correct, Chut! The yoke. Five, Bitter. Dear, The spoon. The son. The sons, Chratis. The lily. The manners, March, A hone, A bear. The semes, AU, The screw. Correct, Silence! The dowry. Exact The East. MN ZatfNN. Prompt, Le renard et L'art oratoire, La mort et To ennoble. To neigh. Prudently, Solemn. The nerve, s. The autumn. PaU, stove. The baptism. To baptise. The account.

Quick: The fox and. Death and. Ex,: I. Term, lesson 9, III. After translating No. This suppression takes place when the next word begins with a vowel or a silent h, Ex. La mfere, the mother, Le frfere, the brother. La soeur, the sister, Voici, here is. L'oncle, the uncle. Latante, the aunt, Le cousin, the cousin. La cousine, the female cousin. Voilk, there is. A, — Read and translate : — I. Nous avons. Tu as. Vous avez. They have. Here is the father. There is the mother.

To have.

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The brother has. Here is the sister. The aunt has. You have. There are in French two genders only, the masculine and the feminine ; and three articles, the definite, the indefinite, and the partitive. Definite Article. DE L'oncle, of ot from the uncle.

L'oncle, at or to the uncle. L'honneur, honour. L'air, the air. Le ganty the glove. La plume, the pen. La terre, the earth. Le livre. La plume. J'ai le livre. Nous avons I'argent. Vous aviez les gants. Of the pen. To the book. From the man. To the hero. Of the men. To the geese. I had the books. You have the glove. Here is the money. They had the pen. The indefinite article, une, is, like the definite article declined with the help of de and k. D'une fille, of or Jrom a girL A une fille, at or to a girl.

Masculine, Feminine, Plural. Du pain, some bread, De Tor, sojue gold. Examples : — De la viande, some meat. De Teau, some water. DEspois, some peas. Un habit silent ha coat. Le cahier, the copy-hook Le crayon, the pencil. La table, the table. La chaise, the combleur de rides payot lausanne, L'ame, the soul.

La robe, the dress. Le papier. Une table. Un habit — 4, La chaise. J'avais un livre. II a la fievre. Vous aurez de Fargent.

J'ai un crayon, — 11, Elle auraitune robe. Tu as de Thuile. B, — Translate into French : — I. Of or from a table. At or to the house. Of a coat. From the coats. To the children. Of or from the men. You had a coat. I shall have some gold. She would have d dress. Here is some bread, and there is some water. Z — Learn the following rules and Nos. Ex, : Le gargon, les gargons, the hoys. The above rule has five exceptions : — AL change I into ux. AU EU take x. AIL change U into ux, Ex. Timide, timid.

Grande fern,large. Petite fern,small. Le beau chevaL— 2. Une grande maison. La petite robe. Le joujou neuf. Un joli nez.

L'oiseau timide. Ayea la bontd de. Qu'il ait. J'aurai une maison. Nous avons un jour de congd. Voilk de Targent B. Of or from the large house. To the amiable man. From a kind mother. A small dress. Some children. He has the kindness to. They will have two horses. Let us have. You had the pencil. Here are the new fuseau minceur cellulifting tourmaline jaune. The English possessive case is translated by inverting the order of the English nouns, as illustrated below : — Edward's house, The father's book, The mother's pencil, The brother's coat, The father's books, The mother's pencils, The child's toy.

Le crayon de la mbre. Les livres du pbre. Le joujou DE L'enfant. Les joujoux des enfants. L'amour D'une mere. Lejardinicr, the gardener. Le palais, the palace, Le journal, the newspaper. La reine, Ou, the queen. Le fruit, the fruit, Le prix, the prize. L'ami m. La lampe, the lamp. Le chien du jardinier. Le palais de la reine. Le joujou de Tenfant. L'oiseau d'un ami. Les chevaux de Toncle. L'huile de la lampe. J'ai une bonne mbre. Nous aurions eu un ami — Tu as les journaux.

II aurait eu des fruits. Ayons patience. To the queen's palaces. Here is the gardener's dog. A friend's horses. There are the child's toys. He would have had a friend. I shall have the birds. You had the newspaper. I should have had a prize. There are the news- papers. Have patience. Adjectives form their feminine by the addition of e mute to the masculine form. Ex, : Petit, petite, small. Grand, grande, tall, 2. The above rule has five exceptions : — E mute do not change.

X change x into se. The adjective takes the gender and number of the noun it qualifies. Une bonne petite fille, a good little girl. De bons petits gar9ons, some good little boys. L'6glise, La ville.

La rue, the church, the tovm. La fleur. Maman, mamma. La pomme, la poire, L'dcole, the apple, the pear, the school. Aline, 6troit, Content, Aline.

L'eglise de la ville. Les fruits de I'arbre. Voici des fleurs du jardin. Les poires et les pommes. Le village est petit — 7, Une grande ville. Aline est heureuse. La robe de maman est nejive. Here is the school, and there is the church. She is tall. We masc. Where are the newspapers? The streets are narrow. She has a new dress. I — Learn the following rules and Nos.

The following nouns have a plural of their own : — THE master's book. L'oeil, les yeux, the eyes, Le betail, les bestiaux, the cattle, 2. The following adjectives have two masculine forms and a feminine of their own : — Beau, bel ; belle, handsome, heautifuL Nouveau, nouvel ; nouvelle, new, different.

Vieux, vieil ; vieille, old, Fou, fol ; folle, foolish, Mou, mol ; moUe, soft 3. Franc, franche, frank. Grec, grecque, Greek, Long, longue, long. Public, publique, public. La France, France, Une perche, a pole. Bleu pi. Avant prep, f before. J'ai une grammaire allemande. L'encre est shche. Le pluriel de ciel est cieux. J'ai de vieux habits.

EUe avait une belle petite rose blanche. Le bdb6 a de grands yeux. Un vieil habit B. I have a new different French grammar. I shall have a white rose. The daughters are handsome. She is old. They have an old uncle in France. Here is a handsome child. France is a fine country. There is a long pole.

The sky is blue. A little child's blue eyes. An adjective usually follows the noun in French. These few are excepted : — Beau, beautiful. Joli, pretty. Bon, good. Long, recette biscotte dietetique. Cher, dear J beloved.

Mauvais, bad. Digne, worthy. M6chant, naughty. Excellent, excellent. Meilleur, better. Gentil, nice. Moindre, less. Grand, tally large. Nouveau, new, different Gros, big. Vieux, old. Jeune, young. Vilain, ugly. M6content, dissatisji Le visage, the face. Le bras, Hie arrn.

Malade, ill. Des ennuis, some troubles. Attentif, atteniive. Monsieur, Sir, Paresseux, lazy. Madame, Madam, Mrs, Ici, here. II n'a pas de pain. Vous n'avez pas de fruits. Un vilain habit. II n'aurait pas eu rf'ennuis. Nous sommes fatiyuSs, — 7. Un enfant malade, — 8. EUe est attentive, — Vous m. Un yrandjeune homme. I have no sister. You were here. Some beautiful books. She has a pretty face. They have no friends. I should not have had any oranges. She is dissatisfied.

The " comparative of superiority " is formed by putting plus, moref before the adjective, and que, thauy after it Ex. He is taller more tall than you. He is less tall than you. The "comparative of equality" is formed by putting aussi before the adjective and que, as, after it Ex, : II est aiissi grand que vous. La peine, the trouble. Large, wide. Paul est moins grand que sa soeur. Sa his nihce est plus inlelligente que son his neveu. Tu ne serais pas si avanc6 qu'elle.

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Vous n'dtiez pas plus attentives que nous. Je n'ai pas eu de peine. Nous n'avons pas eu d'argent. II est plus aimable qu'elle. J'ai de grands neveux. La chambre est plus tongue que large. I fern. He is not so handsome as his brother. Paul is not so nice as his sister. The dog is a faithful animal. I should not have had any trouble. He has no friends. I shall have some friends to-morrow.

He would be sorry. I have a better pen. They have a larger house now. The " superlative " is formed by putting the definite article before the adverbs of comparison plus and moins. Ex, : II est U plus grand des trois. He is the tallest of the three, Obs. The happiest man, 2. Ex,: Elle est trbs intelligente.

She is very intelligent, Obs. The " definite " and " partitive articles " are often understood in English ; they must be expressed in French. Ex, : J'airae 7m pommes et Us poires. Les legumes, the vegetables, Le defaut, the defect. Mademoiselle, Miss.

La viande, the meat. Encore, stilly yet. Bon jour, good morning, Bonsoir, good evening, Jaune, yellow, Chaud, warm. Fort, strong, Sur, upon. Dans, in. Ill, A, — Translate and account for the spelling or position of every word in italics : — I.

Avez-vous du pain? Bonjour, Monsieur; bonsoir, Made- moiselle. Les gants jaunes sont sur la chaise. Le pommier est plus grand que le poirier.

Le jardin n'est pas si grand que le champ. Les legumes sont plus chauds que la viande. Have you any friends in the town? She is not very strong. The least cruel animals. The streets of the town are larger than the streets of the village. A very fine white rose. Some very fine white roses. Avoir, Ayanty En, Taas, 11 or elle a. Simple JVfWM. Present Tense. Present Participle. Past Participle, had. I tie, indicative mood. I have. JesniSy I am. Taesy thou art. Nous sommes, we are.

Vous Stes, you are. J'avais, J had. J'6tais, I was. Tu avaiSf thou hadsi. Nous avionSy we had. Nous etions. Voiis aviez, you had. Us avaient. Past or Preterite, J'eus, I had. Je fus. Iwcu, Tu eus, thou hadst. Tufus, thou wast.

Nous eilmes, toe had. Nous fiimeSy we were. Vous eiitcs, you had. Vous fdtes, you were. J, Future. J'aurai, I shall have. Je serai. I shall be. Tu auraSy thou wilt have. Tu seras. Nous auronSy we shall have. Nous serons, we shall be. Vous aurez, you will have. Vous serez, you will be. J'auraiSy 1 should have. Je serais. I should be. Tu aurais, thou wouldst have. Tu serais.

Nous aurions, we should have. Nous serious, we should be. Vous auriez, you would have. Vous seriez, you would be. Presi SNT Tense. Que j'aie, that I may have. Que je sols. Que tu aies, that thou mayest have. Que tu sols. Qu'il soit. Que nous ayons, that we may have. Que nous soyons, that we may be. Que vous ayez, that you may have. Que vous soyez, that you may be. Que j'eusse, that I might have. Que je fusse, that I might be.

Que tu eiisses, that thou miffhtest have. Que tu fusses. Qu'U eat, that he might have. Qu'il mt, that he might be. Que nous eussions, that we might have.

Que nousfussions i, that we might be. Que vous eussiezjthat you might have. Que vous fussiez, that you might be. Qu'ils eussenty that they might have. Aie, have thou. Sois, be thou. AyonSf let us have. Soyons, let us be. Ayez, have you. Soyez, be you. Nous anrons en, Vous aurez en. Us anront en. J have had. I had had. Conditional Perfect.

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Nous aurions ea, we should have had, Vous anriez ea, you botox na gengiva have had, lis auraient eu, they would have had.

Us auraient ete, they would have been. Qu'il ait eu, that he may have had. Que nous ayons eu, that we may have had. Que Tous ayez eu, that you may have had. Qn'ils aient en, that they may have bad.

Present Perfect. Km mayest have been. Que j'eusse eOf that I might have had. Que tn eusses eu, that thou mightest have had. Qu'il eiit eOy that he might have had.

Que nous eussions eu, that we might have had. The following personal pronouns, called conjunctive, imme- diately precede the verb in French. Look for, examples in iVo. Me fr- to me, i thee. Te to thee. Xb Accusative only used as. Lui to him. Leur, to them. Le diner, the dinner. La pitid, compassion. Julie, Julia. Sage, good. Reconnaissant, grateful. Riche, rich. Oblige, obliged. Hier, yesterday. Demain, to-morrow. Je n'avais pas cfe cahier. Oh sont les gants de Julie? Nous les aurons demain k diner.

Je n'ai pas de livres. EUe nous est trhs Mre. Please call x. Please advise us when you register, if early drop off and late pick up is required.

Please bring a hearty, nutritious lunch that is peanut and tree nut safe. Nutritious snacks will be provided. Un rôle parental positif et du soutien pour les soins et le développement des enfants et des jeunes contribuent à la santé et au bien être des familles et des collectivités. Service de garde avant et après l'école Âge : 3,8 à 12 ans Date : du lundi au vendredi année scolaire Heure : Ouverture à compter de 7 h.

Appelez au p. Téléphonez auposte If you would like to connect with your Military community and let your child have fun learning new activities and socializing with their peers, come in and see us.

Alors, passez nous voir. These biplane rides woodbine nj, for the rest of the school year, are: November 30th; February 1st; April 5th; May 17th; and June 28th. Ages: yrs. Meet other parents, interact with the children and get soin pour cheveux a lhuile de ricin parenting advice and resources. Be a part of circle time and enjoy a healthy snack provided!

Learn and play with your child, meet other people and get advice on the art of being a parent. Activities for you and your baby to learn and grow together. Visit www. Détails: kmfrc. Une collation santé sera offerte. Les centres ON y va offrent des programmes de halte-accueil gratuits aux parents et aux personnes responsables d'enfants de la naissance à 6 ans. Vous pouvez y apprendre et y jouer avec votre enfant, y rencontrer d'autres personnes et y obtenir des conseils sur l'art d'être parent.

Pour obtenir des mises à jour et de plus amples renseignements, visiter www. On behalf of the Military Families who have benefitted from your kind donations, the KMFRC staff and Board of Directors would like to offer you a very heartfelt thank you for your generosity. Shimano Canada Ltd. Returning to school Upon taking inventory of their lives at the start of a new year or when considering retirement, some people entertain thoughts of returning to school.

Adults who decide to return to school after a lengthy period in the workforce are following a popular path. According to the education resource Education Corner, a growing number of career colleges and vocational training schools now offer bachelors and graduate degree programs geared toward working adults.

People return to school for various reasons, including the chance to learn new skills or further develop their existing skills. Some return to school because they are changing careers, while others may have lost a job or desire a promotion and feel that attaining a higher level of education or new skills can make reaching that goal more likely. Adults who hope to return to school might be surprised to learn that the educational landscape has changed considerably since they were last in a classroom.

College students are no longer just young men and women who begin pursuing degrees right out of high school. In fact, the number of adults returning to the classroom has increased considerably, often making younger students the exception rather than the rule, says the college financial planner Straighter Line.

College students 25 years or older comprise 40 percent of all students enrolled in college. Adults who are thinking about returning to school are urged to fill out the free applications for student aid to see if they qualify. Grants and scholarships may be available, and some workers find that employers match funds or offer some assistance to finance job training courses. Many schools now offer online courses that make it easier for working adults to pursue their degrees.

Many working adults are returning to school to pursue new or advanced degrees, as more colleges and universities are facilitating such pursuits. I have gained confidence and am ready to - Walter C. Even though this is a networking event and could be very brief, it is nearly as important as an interview and you should be well prepared. Now is also a good time to familiarize yourself with the various types of interviews and what you should know about each type of interview environment.

Start with interview preparation Why is research an important part of interview presentation? Research is a critical part of your interview presentation. Learning about the company with which you are interviewing, the context in which they do business and about the person with whom you will meet will make you more confident. Preparation reflects positively on you as a candidate and it is expected in this age of unprecedented access to current business information.

Being well informed helps you to shift the interview from a one-way dialogue into a two It will enable you to ask good questions. A well-placed, wellthought through question can elicit invaluable information for you to use as you move forward in your conversations with a potential employer.

A well-planned question can also speak volumes about the extent to which you understand the issues facing an organization or an industry. You should spend as much of your research time planning good questions as you do planning good answers.

Finally, and most importantly, research helps you to plan — in a very strategic way — how you will present yourself in your interview. Your communications strategy should shift, if only slightly, for each conversation you have, based on what you know about the organization or person with whom you are speaking. Asking good questions 2. Finding the information you need 3.

Deciding what to do with it once you have it. You want to spend a lot less time actually retrieving information. What really happens in an interview? The typical model for an interview is two people sitting across the table from each other sharing information.

One of the primary reasons for doing research as part of your interview preparation is so that you can, to at least some extent, anticipate what those needs might be and tailor your presentation of your background accordingly. Under no circumstance should you bring your research materials with you to an interview.

Vous devriez donc bien vous préparer. Poser de bonnes questions, 2. La recherche joue un rôle crucial dans la façon dont vous vous présentez pendant une entrevue.

Cela vous permettra de poser des questions pertinentes. Une question bien placée et réfléchie peut vous fournir de. Faites en sorte que vos connaissances ne vous fassent pas paraître arrogant ou mal disposé.

Si vous êtes bien préparé, les questions que vous poserez le prouvera. We provide a variety of programs both at the KMFRC and within local schools designed to give our youth the skills they need to cope with the unique lifestyle of being a military child.

Ils visent à enseigner à nos jeunes des techniques qui leur permettront de composer avec les défis uniques qui se posent aux enfants de militaires. We encourage you to contact us with your questions or if you need help finding support for your family. There are resource links on our website as well as staff who can direct you to services in the Kingston Community.

No Parent Left Behind Join a facilitated support group for parents prenatal to 2 years of age who are experiencing difficulty with postpartum adjustment. Parents can connect with other parents, share their experiences in a safe environment, and learn coping strategies. Trained staff provides childcare onsite for babies over 4 months. The Program is offered in English, however French resources will be available and a francophone facilitator is present for the program. Nous vous encourageons à communiquer avec nous pour poser vos questions ou si vous avez de la difficulté à trouver du soutien pour votre famille.

Sur notre site web, vous trouverez des liens vers des ressources ainsi que du personnel qui peut vous aiguiller vers les services de la communauté de Kingston. Du personnel formé offre un service de garde sur place pour les bébés de plus de 4 mois. Le programme se donne en anglais, toutefois des ressources en français serontoffertes et un animateur francophone est présent pour le programme. Veuillez communiquer Service de garde, des enfants avec Karen Norman, coordonnatrice du développement des enfants et des jeunes auposte The KMFRC can support you during short-term crisis until you are able to make longer-term child care arrangements.

If Emergency Childcare becomes necessary between hrs. For afterhours care after hrs. Le CRFMK peut vous dépanner à court terme en attendant que vous puissiez vous procurer un service de garde à long terme. If you have an individual with special needs in your family and would like assistance with navigating community resources, respite care, funding options, inclusive recreational programs and camps, visual aids, or any other needed support, please contact the Special Needs Inclusion Team, Samantha Coulter and Leigh Wood Landry, at ext If you have a family member with special needs who might benefit from this relaxing experience, please contact the Special Needs Inclusion Team to receive an orientation before your first booking.

Salle sensorielle On retrouve dans cette salle calme et thérapeutique des lumières tamisées, de la douce musique, des jeux de lumières interactives, une machine à bulles et des objets texturés utilisés pour stimuler les sens.

Please join us for a fun-filled morning of activities for the entire family to enjoy in an inclusive environment. The Special Needs Playgroup offers a great opportunity to build friendships, give support and connect with other families who may be facing similar challenges of raising a child with special needs. Due to varying dietary restrictions, we ask that families provide their own snack.

Please ensure your snack is peanut and tree nut safe. The purpose of this program is to maintain an inventory of commonlyused assistive devices that can be temporarily loaned to families until their child's prescribed items arrive at their school.

This prevents long wait times, and helps set students up for success. Programming areas include but are not limited to : Mental health, art, drama, career, cooking, leadership, physical activities, healthy relationships, and other life skills. Future events will maigrir par lhypnose a dijon Jewelry making, improv activities and other workshops based on youth suggestions!

Le groupe de jeu pour personnes ayant des besoins spéciaux offre la possibilité de tisser des liens et de nouer des amitiés avec des familles qui se trouvent dans une situation semblable. Les collations ne sont pas fournies étant donné les diverses restrictions alimentaires. Nous demandons aux familles de fournir leur propre collation sans arachides et sans noix. Les domaines du programme comprennent, entre autres : la santé mentale, les arts, le théâtre, la carrière, la cuisine, le leadership, les activités physiques, les relations saines et autres dynamiques de vie.

Les programmes ont lieu aux installations situées auroute Bath mail Frontenac et au 77, rue McCauley centre communautaire de Rideau Heights. Voici certaines des activités organisées par le passé : party de peinture, chasses au trésor, pique-niques et davantage!

Associated increased risk factors for CF members may heighten family concerns and anxieties. Therefore, we offer services and programs to support families during these separation periods.

We are seeking further input on what your unique needs are and how we can address them. The Military Family Support Services Coordinator can provide support for children, parents and spouses of the deployed during the deployment cycle. Or need help creating one. The FCP is not a legally binding contract, but rather an exchange of information between your family and the Commanding Officer. Coordonnatrice des services de soutien aux familles des militaires peut apporter un soutien aux enfants, parents et conjoints du membre déployé pendant le cycle de déploiement.

We encourage your family to work together to create your individual FCP and update it regularly. Nous encourageons votre famille à travailler ensemble à la création de votre PGF et à le mettre à jour régulièrement. What is the Family networks Fn? Qu'est-ce que le réseau de familles? Le Réseau de familles est un programme du CRFM canadien que le CRFMK met en oeuvre comme moyen de se connecter avec les militaires et leurs familles, afin de les aider à affronter les défis liés aux déploiements et séparations.

Who is involved in the Fn? Together, the Unit Rep, Family Rep and KMFRC help perdre du poids apres 40 ans femme to successfully deal with deployment and separation, while also reinforcing overall resiliency in navigating the military lifestyle.

Qui est impliqué dans le rF? Le RF est composé d'un représentant de liaison de l'unité et un représentant bénévole de la famille, qui, en collaboration avec le CRFMK, offrent des activités sociales, d'informations, de prise de soins, de réseautages, et de renforcement de moral. Ensemble, le représentant de l'unité, le représentant de la famille et le CRFMK aident les familles à faire face avec succès au déploiement et à la séparation, tout en renforçant la résilience globale à naviguer dans le mode de vie militaire.

Both the Unit and Family Reps serve as a direct link between military members, their families, and the KMFRC, so that we are more accessible and better able to serve your needs. Together we help to prepare members and families for deployments, provide family support during separation, and aid in adjusting to the challenges upon reunion. We also welcome and mentor families who are new to the military lifestyle, and coordinate social events.

À la fois l'unité et les représentants de la famille servent de lien direct entre les militaires, leurs familles et le CRFMK, de sorte que nous sommes plus accessibles et mieux en mesure de servir vos besoins.

Ensemble, nous aidons à préparer les membres et les familles pour les déploiements, fournissons un soutien familial au cours de la séparation, et l'aide à s'adapter aux défis au moment des retrouvailles. Nous souhaitons également la bienvenue et offrons du mentorat aux familles qui sont nouvelles au style de vie militaire et coordonnons des événements sociaux.

If you would like to know more information about the Family Networks, please contact: local kmfrc forces. Si vous aimeriez avoir davantage de renseignements sur le Réseau de familles, veuillez communiquer avec : poste kmfrc forces.

Counselling The demands of military life can have a profound impact on families. To help soften the impact, the KMFRC promotes resilience and coping skills so families, couples, and individuals can access timely and confidential counselling with qualified professionals.

The KMFRC provides onsite counselling and referrals to partner agencies, who offer additional specialized support services. These services are provided by appointment, at no cost to the families. These emergencies may be related to child care, deployment, mental health needs, and transitions.

Counsellors at the KMFRC help you assess your situation and support you in developing a plan of action. Please see our website for upcoming events. We also offer information and referrals on an as needed basis by phone, drop in, and by appointment. FoCUs Families OverComing Under Stress : resilience Training for Military Families Families are directly impacted by military service, so learning skills to address the changes and challenges you experience, helps build resilience.

Ces services sont offerts gratuitement aux familles, sur rendez vous. Éducation et prévention Nous offrons divers ateliers et programmes pour les familles des militaires. Veuillez visiter notre site Web pour en savoir plus sur les activités à venir. Nous offrons également des renseignements et des renvois, au besoin, par téléphone, sur rendez vous ou en personne. Vous pouvez renforcer votre résilience en acquérant des compétences pour composer avec le changement et surmonter les défis qui se posent à vous.

The FOCUS family model also available to single parents is eight sessions and the couples model is 5 sessions. FOCUS is available at no cost to the family and is available by appointment. We provide all of our services, including transitional support and advocacy, with a special focus and understanding for families of the ill, injured, and Fallen.

The FLO can be reached at x Le modèle de famille FOCUS aussi offert aux parents uniques comprend huit séances, le modèle de couple en comprend cinq. FOCUS est offert gratuitement aux familles, sur rendez vous. Tous nos services, y compris le soutien administratif et la défense des droits pendant la transition, sont assurés en toute connaissance de la situation des familles des militaires malades, blessés ou décédés.

For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, please contact us through our. Pour en savoir davantage sur nos services ou pour prendre rendez vous, Veuillez communiquer avec nous par notre.

Horaire sans rendez-vous en santé mentale Jeudi, de 9 h à 11 h. Sans rendez-vous ou appelez au poste pour réserver. Call the Veterans Affairs Canada Assistance Service for up to 20 sessions of counselling at no cost: The Veteran Family Program VFP provides services and resources to help ease the transition from military to civilian life and support the health and wellbeing of families during transition. To achieve this, the VFP provides enhanced information and referral services and transition focused core programming.

This service also includes their families, to ensure that the supports are in place and available to support their transition from military to civilian life. Le Programme pour les familles des vétérans PFV offre des services et des ressources pour faciliter la transition entre la vie militaire et la vie civile et pour appuyer la santé et le bien-être des familles pendant la transition.

Visit the Kingston website www. Visitez le site Web de Kingston www. Youth recreational programs and summer camps can bridge the gap in care between the end of school and the day when classes resume. Due in part to high demand, parents who want to place their kids in summer rec programs or summer camps should being vetting such programs and camps well in advance of summer.

The following are a handful of tips for moms and dads who want their kids to have fun and fulfilling summers. Speak with fellow parents and trusted friends about where they send their children.

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Personal recommendations can be very helpful, providing firsthand insight into a particular camp or program. Schedule appointments to visit camps that fall. Take your son or daughter along so he or she can get a sense of what camp will be like. Camps come in more flavors than ever before. Certain camps may be faith-based ministries while others may focus on particular sports.

Band camps and art camps may appeal to creative kids. Parents may need to choose between a sleepaway camp or day camps, depending on which camp experience they want for their children.

While many camps are flexible, day camps do not have the same level of flexibility as after-school programs. Arrangements will need to be made if care is required after regular camp hours.

Day camps typically cost less than those that provide room and board. Find out if a particular organization subsidizes a portion of camp costs. If camp seems out of reach, look into local summer recreation programs at parks or schools. In addition to camp, remember to plan for some free days so children can just enjoy some downtime. Such days can break up the monotony of a routine and provide kids and families time to relax together.

Youth leadership is one of the many ways that the Scouts Canada program helps youth develop into critical thinkers and team players, better pre. Programs are available throughout the Greater Kingston area known as Loyalist Area in Scouting circles : www. Skills which help us would be: parenting skills, ECE skills, leadership, outdoor skills and games, finances, note-taking, computer literacy, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math STEMstorytelling, instrument playing, and many many more.

We provide training. As I grew up, and continued my Scouting journey, I was empowered to take on more responsibility as an activity leader for younger levels while still partaking in the program with my own age group.

Now, as a young man and military officer myself, I have Scouting to thank for many of the outdoor skills, leadership experiences, and lifelong friendships that make up a large part of who I am today. First-time discoveries and cool adventures begin with Scouts. Real Scouts. Real Experiences. To join, visit Scouts. Beaver Scouts: 5 — 7 years Scouts: 11 — 14 years Rover Scouts: 18 — 26 years. Summer Camp Registration is Open! ScienceQuest info sciencequest.

Be aware of ticks when enjoying the outdoors When the weather warms, yards beckon, hiking trails look even more inviting and even a patch of grass can be a welcoming respite. Lots of fun can be had outside, but caution is needed. Ticks are small crawling bugs in the arachnid spider family. The creature subsists on meals of blood from a host animal. Ticks can carry bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that can cause serious disease in humans and other animals, states LymeDisease.

Ticks feed and mate mostly on deer, but rodents, birds, lizards, and just about any other animal can be a host to these nondiscriminatory bugs. Animals carry the diseases, which are then passed through the tick to others. Disease-spreading ticks can be extremely hard to detect because of their diminutive size, especially when they are in the larva or nymph stages.

Therefore, pre. Understanding tick habitats and behavior can make it easier to avoid them. Primarily they are located in wooded and grassy areas. Adults will climb up on tall grass waiting for an animal to pass by so they can climb aboard.

Nymphs and larvae will live in layers of decomposing leaves under trees. Moisture is a friend to ticks, which are less active in sunny, dry areas. Therefore, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says removing leaf litter, clearing tall grasses and brush and mowing the lawn frequently can help.

The following are additional ways to create tick-safe zones at home. Wear tall socks or pants during hikes to prevent ticks from latching on. A thorough inspection of the body is adviseable each time people return indoors. Check hidden areas, such as behind the knees, under the arms and in other skin-fold areas, for ticks. Tick populations grow as the weather warms. Ensure spring and summer fun is not dampened by tick-related illness. Entertaining ways to prevent summer learning loss Summer vacation presents an opportunity for students to enjoy an extended break from the classroom.

While this respite from routine may be a welcome change to youngsters, teachers frequently lament that valuable educational lessons seem to be forgotten each summer.

Educators then face tougher hurdles when students return to school in the fall. Proponents of year-round schooling at The. National Association for Year-Round Education recommend a more balanced school year, where summer vacation lasts only 30 days and other school breaks are lengthened.

In this scenario, the school year would still last about days, but without the lengthy breaks. Parents may prefer the status quo, and those who do can take several steps to prevent summer learning loss from affecting their children. Schools recommend summer reading lists, but students should also learn to read for pleasure. Children can bring books to the beach that they can read between frolicking sessions in the waves.

Games can be customized to highlight certain skills that require reinforcement. For example, math-centered games that require counting or addition can strengthen generalized math skills. Problem-solving board games may help children be. Make vacations educational. Add travel to historical sites or other places of interest to help history come alive. When visiting new towns and cities, read the placards that explain important moments in history that took place in each town or city, making sure to include some thought-provoking areas of interest on your itinerary.

Trips to the seaside, parks and much more present myriad opportunities to learn about science. Children can stage their own experiments with items they find in nature, such as learning about tides, wind and water flow by sailing homemade boats.

Children need not fall victim to summer learning loss when their days are filled with educational but fun activities. Enhancing merits of dance on a daily basis! There are roughly muscles in the human body and dance gets those muscles moving in a way that walking and running do not. Dance builds body awareness. Students develop physical and spatial awareness, and increase coordination. Coordination skills can be transferred to many other activities including riding a bike or catching a ball.

Dance builds cooperative and social skills. Students develop teamwork, patience, social inclusion and listening skills. Young dancers learn to wait their turn, express emotion and build trust with both peers and teachers. These essential skills benefit students in their school lives and in their adult working lives. Dance builds mental dexterity. Cognitive ability and memory skills are developed as children learn and memorize choreography.

Repetition and rehearsal in dance class helps young children to more easily grasp new ideas and to retain information in other situations. Dance builds confidence and self esteem with each new routine that is mastered. Practice develops perseverance. Accountability is developed vitamine e pousse cheveux showing up to class on time, fully prepared with fixed hair, and in proper clothing. Our professional teachers are certified by the Royal Academy of Dance or through the.

Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers program. All of our dancers, regardless of aspirations, have the best possible training in a positive and nurturing environment.

Our 3 streams of dance education —recreational, exam and competitive— equip students with lifelong skills that we actively nurture across all streams. At Dance Studio we experience the life enhancing merits of dance on a daily basis! Check out our website for more details! Classes available for all age groups and skill levels! Classes disponibles pour tous les groupes d'âge et niveaux de compétence!

For details on class schedule, registration and semester fees contact: Pour plus de détails sur I'horaire des cours, I'inscription et les frais de semestre contactez: Karate: Maxime. Trahan forces. Lachance forces. Wade rmc. Tips for playground safety Playgrounds provide places for children to run, laugh, play, and share experiences with their friends. Playgrounds also are instrumental in fostering social connections among children and providing places to exercise. The U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says playground-related traumatic brain injuries are still a major threat, and emergency departments treat more than 20, children ages 14 and younger for playground injuries each year.

Broken bones, abrasions and even strangulation can occur on playground structures. But many injuries can be prevented by following established safety guidelines. Adults can ensure that kids do not engage in unsafe behavior when using playground equipment. Adults also can help kids gauge distances on equipment. Simply having parents or other caregivers nearby can tame behavior. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is one of these groups.

Over the last 35 years, innovations in technology have led to new playground equipment and surfacing requirements.

Some safety guidelines include proper signage and labeling; sight lines that enable adults to keep track of children throughout the playground; and safe surface materials, which include engineered wood fiber, pea gravel, sand, shredded rubber mulch, wood chips, and organic mulch. Tripping hazards, such as rocks or tree stumps, should be removed from the area. Metal or wood. Sharp edges should be made smooth, and all platforms should be in good repair with working guardrails. Hardware should be checked and never protrude.

The cushioned surface should extend at least 6 feet beyond the equipment. Additional coverage may be needed, depending on how high a slide is or how long a swing is.

Materials should be replaced if they are worn out. The CPSC says that preschool-aged children should only use ladders that are less than or equal to 60 inches high. Older children can use arch climbers or chain or cable walks. Age guidelines should be clearly posted on the equipment to help adults ensure their kids play on equipment that is right for their ages.

Enjoying fresh air and fun is part of visiting the playground. But parents should always emphasize safety when their youngsters are playing.

Get your copy delivered right to your home! Commodités des installations : 3 Piscine, Spa, sauna 3 Salles de cardio et de musculation 3 Terrains multisports.

Base Gym members receive a discount. You may also register at the front desk during operating hours. Coût du programme : Le coût pour les membres et les non-membres se trouve sous chaque programme. Les membres du gym de la base reçoivent. Cancellations: All classes are subject to cancellation if there are insufficient registrants 1 week prior. If we cancel a course, you are entitled to a full refund or you may transfer to another program, space permitting.

Cancelled classes due to weather conditions, facility issues etc. Full refunds for medical, or military related reasons military members only will be authorized prior to program start date, after the start date refunds will be prorated. All other full refund requests must be received 5 business days prior to the start of the program, after the start date refunds will be prorated. If program advertises a required non-refundable deposit, no refund will be issued for the deposit.

In the case of a dispute, refund decision will be made by local Manager, Community Recreation at Local Si nous annulons un cours, vous aurez droit à un remboursement complet, ou vous pourrez transférer le montant facturé à un autre programme où il reste des places.

Les cours annulés en raison des conditions météorologiques, de problèmes concernant les installations ou autres, durant le programme, seront repris à la fin de la session ou remboursés au prorata. Le remboursement complet pour des raisons de santé ou des impératifs militaires personnel militaire seulement est autorisé av8ant la date de début du programme, après quoi les remboursements seront au pro rata. Toutes les autres demandes de remboursement complet doivent être reçues 5 jours ouvrables avant le début du programme, après quoi les remboursements seront au pro rata.

Aucun remboursement ne sera accordé une fois la première moitié du programme écoulée. Si un dépôt non remboursable est exigé pour un programme, ce dépôt ne sera pas remboursé. En cas de différend concernant un remboursement, la directrice des loisirs communautaireposte tranchera. Nancy Graham or x Graham. Nancy cfmws. David Poss x Daniel. Therapy Swim: Workout individually or with your health practitioner drop-in fees or memberships are required.

Pool equipment is available.

No formal class instruction. Play Group H A great opportunity to introduce your little one to the pool and build water confidence early. Visit with friends and explore the fun and magic of water together. Toys and flotation devices available for use. Please note: There are no swim lessons on statutory holidays or holiday weekends. Note importante : Il n'y a pas de cours de natation les jours fériés ni les week-ends fériés.

Updated: 6 Dec Learn valuable skills and prepare for a future job in Aquatics. Become a Life Guard or Swim Instructor. Apprenez des compétences importantes et préparez-vous à un futur emploi dans les sports aquatiques. Devenez un gardien de la vie ou un instructeur de natation. Mercredis Mars 27 — Mai 15 17h00 — 18h30 Lundi - vendredi Août 19 - 23 08h30 — 17h00 Lundi - vendredi Mars 11 - 15 08h30 — 17h00 Lundi - vendredi Août 26 - 30 08h30 — 17h Vendredi 15 Mars 10h00 — 16h00 Mardi — jeudi Juin 18 — 20 08h30 — 16h00 Jeudi 20 juin 08h30 — 16h For course descriptions, specific details or to register: Pour les descriptions de cours, les détails spécifiques et les prérequis ou pour vous inscrire : pspkingston.

Throughout the session, the participants will use age-appropriate equipment to learn and develop their sense of musicality and rhythm for a variety of introductory dance styles and techniques. Throughout the session, the participants will use age appropriate equipment to develop their kicking, passing, ball handling and running skills at their own pace. Participants will use age-appropriate equipment to develop batting, throwing, catching and running skills at their own pace. With different variations, dodgeball is a fun and active sport that gives children of all ages the opportunity to increase their hand-eye coordination, teamwork and knowledge of fair play.

Throughout the session, the participants will use age-appropriate equipment to develop their stick handling, shooting and defensive skills at their own pace. Throughout the session, the participants will use age appropriate equipment to develop their dribbling, passing, catching and running skills at their own pace.

H2O Sports is a 60 minute active recreational sports program that offers youth a chance to develop their skills and abilities in the pool. H2O offers a variety of sports and activities, while using age appropriate equipment and materials in fun and safe environments. Includes such sports as volleyball, water polo, hockey, basketball, wibit water play and more. Il offer aux jeunes la possibilité de pratiquer et de developer leurs aptitudes et leurs capacités dans la piscine.

Yes We Can — Get Active! Throughout the session, the participants will develop their communication, selfexpression and social skills. The participants will use adaptive equipment to develop new skills and abilities at their own pace while playing a variety of games and activities.

This session includes: a brief tour of the plan menu minceur 974, an explanation on how to use the weight room and cardio machines, and a way for us to confirm your understanding of gym rules and regulations and safe gym practices. Our drop-in sports program gives you the opportunity to play your favorite sport and it keeps you physically active too. Join in on the fun by contacting the respective OPI listed below. Note: No sessions on statutory holidays.

Notre programme des sports vous permet de joindre une équipe le jour même afin de faire votre sport préféré et vous maintenir en forme. Venez-vous amuser en communiquant avec le BPR mentionné ci-dessous. Note : Pas de sessions les jours fériés. Wellness matters because everything we do and feel relates to our overall wellbeing. Learn how to achieve your optimal level of wellness in these free educational sessions. These informal, fun, hands-on style learning sessions will give you chance to learn something new without a big time commitment.

Many of these sessions are good for your brain and for your body. Register now and try something new! Le thème du bien-être est important puisque tout ce que nous faisons est lié à notre bien-être. Bon nombre de ces séances sont bonnes pour votre cerveau et votre corps. Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant et essayez quelque chose de nouveau! Everyone welcome. Find out why you were right to hate sit-ups and crunches and walk away with alternative exercises.

Even good events can be stressful; graduation, a wedding, your family vacation. Learn how mindfulness can become your best stress strategy. Members: FREE. Learning these skills can help you save on the cost of a professional and they will keep your bike rolling smooth all season.

Bring your bicycle. Get vacation ready and learn the Merengue. This easy to learn dance is an important part of island-life fun in Latin American. Be sure to register yourself and your partner. Le nombre de places est limite. Venez découvrir pourquoi vous aviez raison de détester ces exercices et en plus, vous repartirez avec des solutions alternatives.

Même de bons événements peuvent être stressants. Apportez votre vélo. Apprendre à danser : Merengue Mai 23 19hh30 Room Planifiez-vous un voyage dans le sud, cet hiver? Préparez-vous aux vacances et apprenez le Merengue. Cette danse facile à apprendre constitue une partie importante du plaisir de la vie insulaire en Amérique latine.

Assurez-vous de vous inscrire avec votre partenaire. Découvrez comment la pleine conscience devient votre meilleure stratégie de stress. Evening Fitness Classes for Adults Cours de fitness en soirée pour adultes Try a class before you buy it! Essayez une classe avant de vous abonner! Why consider a Personal Trainer? Following sessions can be purchased without consultation.

One person registers and the cost is shared by two people. Pourquoi envisager un entraîneur personnel? Les prochaines sessions peuvent être achetées sans consultation. Get back to the basics and be ready to bring it to this calorie burning workout. This outdoor class offers that great old-school style, high-energy, full body workout and the chance to sweat outside the gym.

Bring on Spring! Learn the basics of bellydance; the movements, isolations and style as you combine them into a fun, fully choreographed dance. No dance experience necessary. Open to new and experienced dancers. An improvised group style dance class that relies on traditional bellydance techniques, as well as a vocabulary of movements, cues and transitions to create a unique dance every time the music plays.

Revenez à la base et préparezvous à tout donner pour cet entraînement axé sur la dépense énergétique. Soyez prêts pour le printemps! Apprenez les rudiments de la danse du ventre avec les mouvements, les isolations et le style que vous combinerez à une danse chorégraphiée. Ce cours est ouvert aux nouveaux et aux danseurs expérimentés. Vous y apprendrez le vocabulaire des mouvements, les repères et les transitions qui vous permettront de créer un style unique de danse dès que vous entendrez la musique.

Soyez prêts à explorer et à être créatifs. Each class will end with a relaxation to further reduce stress. This energizing work-out will have you kicking and punching your way to better health. Build stamina and burn calories as you build lean muscle in this fun and challenging class. Plus, kiss all your tension good-bye! The perfect yoga class combining power poses to challenge and restorative postures that focus on healing.

Salutations will warm your body and promote circulation as well as long, holding poses to create a more intense workout. Dîtes au revoir à vos tensions quotidiennes! Ce cours combine des postures athlétiques et des postures qui sont centrées sur la réhabilitation.

Les salutations vous permettront de vous activer et de faciliter la circulation et à la longue, maintenir les postures vous demandera un travail plus intense. Blue Jays vs. Apportez votre maman et entrez gratuitement! Zone artisanale des enfants : Faire une carte de fête des mères! Fun for the entire family. Plage Arrowhead, BFC Kingston Joignez-vous à nous pour cette journée d'activités amusante pour célébrer l'arrivée de l'été.

Plaisir pour toute la famille. All you need is your Military I. Info: www. Nos chef de camp sont entraînés HIGH FIVE dans les principes du développement sain de l'enfant améliorer la qualité de nos programmes ce qui est essentiel pour offrir aux participants des expériences positives qui dureront toute une vie. Weekly Field Trips! Before and After Care Available! Free come-and-go play in the park program.