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QSL via his home call, direct or via the bureau. GBGP will be on the air from Gilwell Park today, 20th of October, and will have over youngsters visiting the station over the weekend to take part in a variety of activities.

Using all modes on 6m only, the exchange is signal report, serial number and locator. Using CW only on the 3. The solar minimum continued last week with zero sunspots being recorded.

The good news was that geomagnetic conditions were quite settled with a maximum Kp index of three recorded. Most of the week it was between zero and two, which meant that the HF bands were performing to seasonal averages.

This would bode quite well for the CQ Worldwide CW contest next weekend — when more than 35, amateurs are expected to take to the airwaves — if it were not for the bad news coming up! Next week NOAA predicts the sun will remain spotless and with a solar flux index of However, a large solar coronal hole was gifi rideaux a pattes to be Earth-facing on Friday, which means we may have unsettled geomagnetic conditions this weekend.

We can expect the Kp index to rise to at least four, bringing noisy bands and lowered maximum usable frequencies after a potential HF enhancement. The ionosphere should settle again early next week. NOAA then predicts a further geomagnetic disturbance from the 24th to the 27th, thanks to another coronal hole that is returning into view again after a day solar rotation.

The majority of this weekend and throughout next week will be dominated by low pressure, so it once again looks like the weather will continue to give us rain scatter conditions for the GHz bands. For the rest of us relying upon Tropo, there is little comfort, although there is a hint of a temporary, but rather weak, ridge of high pressure over the British Isles early next week.

The Moon is at maximum declination today and perigee is just a week away so conditions will be good, helped by low and falling sky noise on VHF.

There are two meteor showers this week. Some of the key points from that meeting include: 1. Ofcom has finished its testing and has produced a report which the RSGB saw in draft format. With that in mind, the RSGB asked Ofcom to publish its new report and remove the previous report from its website.

One area the RSGB intends to discuss with OpenReach is the implementation of notching for the amateur bands, a feature that is already included in OpenReach equipment 3. This letter has also been published on the RSGB website.

Other attractions include a construction competition, a test equipment bench and an evening dinner. Further information including the programme and booking information botox to lift one eyebrow online at www. Youngsters on the Air Month takes place each December to encourage youngsters to get on the air and to learn more about the practical side of the hobby. All Full licensed RSGB Members or affiliated clubs can register to host the callsign but Foundation and Intermediate licence holders may operate if they are supervised from the station of a club or the station of a Full licence holder.

Rob will work closely with the Youth Team to ignite interest; develop links with schools, Scouts and Guides, universities and the general public; and motivate young people to get involved in amateur radio.

WRC takes place over a full month starting on the 28th of October, concluding on the 22nd of November. The relevant RSGB volunteers plan to attend as part of the Ofcom-led UK delegation, whilst some other amateurs will be embedded in other national delegations.

Operations will be on the 5MHz shared band. Amateurs may claim a certificate if they contact 10 or more stations over the weekend and submit a copy of their log sheet. QSO exchange details and claim info are at tinyurl. This is the last chance of to make contact with Cadets. Then, on Friday the 18th at around UTC, an English language contact has been arranged with participants at a Science and Technology event in Germany. The downlink signals for both contacts will be audible in parts of Europe on It is located in Petts wood, Kent and transmits on MHz.

The Tx antenna is a slotted waveguide design and gives an ERP of watts. This repeater is on the air due to the work of many people and the repeater keeper thanks them all.

Information and updates are at www. See www. Doors open at 10am. There will be trade stands showing radio equipment, computers etc and an RSGB book stand. Hot and cold food will be available in the café. The venue has separate disabled access via the side door.

A club steward will be on duty in the car park. Doors open 8am for traders and 10am for visitors. Doors will open at 12 noon for the public and 9. All proceeds from the sale of the food and beverages will go to Belfast Samaritans, a very worthy charity.

More information from Elizabeth Forde on Registration is at 8. The event is due to finish at around 4. You should pre-register, as places are limited. Contact g0ibn1 yahoo. So far we have received details of just SIX events for the whole of the year. QSL via his home callsign, direct or bureau.

He does not use Logbook of The World. QSL via home calls, either via the bureau or direct. This year will be the first time that the event has featured amateur radio.

Paul Devlin will be operating a demonstration station on both days. GBGP will be on the air from Gilwell Park on the 19th and 20th of October and will have over youngsters visiting the station over the weekend to take part in a variety of activities. EI and GI stations also send their County. We had a mixed bag of HF propagation over the last seven days, although Monday saw maximum usable frequencies over a 3,km path climb above 21MHz.

Conditions were less good on Thursday morning, mainly due to an elevated Kp index, which reached four thanks to an enhanced solar wind with a south-facing Bz component. They unfortunately had to end their operations early due to the illness of an island resident, but well-equipped stations were able to work them earlier.

There were no sunspots recorded during the last seven days. We apologise for saying the same last week when in fact a small spot appeared and then vanished the next day!

Next week NOAA has the solar flux index pegged at A shot of the sun taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory on Thursday the 10th showed no coronal hole activity at all. As we know all too well this could change as the week goes on, but for now we predict settled geomagnetic conditions with maximum usable frequencies near their seasonal norms.

We are now seeing the better autumnal propagation as the ionosphere cools, although you may be forgiven for thinking we are not. The low solar flux is not making the bands come alive to SSB and to a lesser extent CW, although modes like FT8 with its lower required signal to noise ratio is letting DX be worked on a regular basis.

The coming week is no exception. There will be low pressure nearby for much of the week with the main centres tracking close to Scotland, but also affecting the south at times. These will also bring windy weather at times to test the summer antenna work! The upside of course is that this unsettled weather pattern will bring some good prospects for rain scatter on the GHz bands again.

We are past apogee for this lunar month now, so losses will be falling as well. There is one small meteor shower this coming week, the Epsilon-Geminids on the 18th.

We are a week and a day from the much more intense Orionids shower so we should see some improvement then in meteor scatter conditions. The downlink signals on The new Group includes places for club tutors who hold a Full amateur radio licence and have taught the Advanced Syllabus for at least two years.

Entries covering any aspect of amateur radio are welcome. Any project may be entered, other than previous winners in this competition. If you have entered a club or national construction competition, or written up a project for your club magazine, you have done most of the work needed to enter the RSGB Construction Competition.

The programme of lectures and workshops is now online at www. The closing date for online discount day tickets is the 7th of October.

Weekend package bookings can be made until midnight tonight, the 6th of October, at www. If you have tickets for the Gala Dinner on Saturday and wish to reserve a table with friends, send your name and callsign details to radcom rsgb.

The session will consist of a short presentation on the tools and techniques used to locate and identify RFI sources. Then a number of test setups and live demos will be available using radios, SDRs and spectrum analysers to let you see and hear some of these common RFI sources. If you have an unusual source then please bring it along for them to investigate. The NRC itself will remain open to visitors but, with the radio room closed, it will be unavailable for visiting radio amateurs to operate the station GB3RS.

We apologise for any inconvenience and anticipate the station to be fully operational again on Thursday morning. Raspberry Pi owners that are new to Linux and the Pi who would like to understand more about its capabilities in amateur radio should bring along their own Pi; the workshop will supply other equipment. There are limited spaces, but plenty of room for observers, and handouts will be provided.

Doors open from 10am to 4pm, or 9. Lectures will take place during the day. Catering is available on site. The venue has separate disabled access via the traders side door entrance.

He will focus on the high bands, mainly on CW and FT8. The callsign will be used most Saturdays up until the end of the year. This weekend is busy, with several contests taking place over the two days. Using SSB only on the 1.

Using SSB only on the 3. The exchange is your signal report and 4-character locator. The exchange is signal report and serial number. The exchange for that contest is signal report, serial number and locator. We had a real mixed bag in terms of HF propagation last week. The middle of the week through to Friday was actually quite good. Saturday was a different story though, thanks to a geomagnetic storm that saw the Kp index soar to five.

The Sun remained spotless last week and HF propagation is again being dominated by geomagnetic disturbances. Next week NOAA has the solar flux stuck at around 68 with zero sunspots. We may see the effects of another coronal hole today, the 6th of October, with the Kp index predicted to rise to four. Look out for a possible pre-auroral enhancement. This disturbance may be relatively short lived, with the Kp index falling to two for the rest of the week.

There are a number of DXpeditions on at the moment. The A82X and A82Z DXpedition to Liberia may be one of the easier ones to catch, with openings from hours on 30m to 15m being favourite. After the slight mid-day D-Layer absorption lull, openings again occur all afternoon.

Keep an eye on the DX Cluster to see where they are operating. It's another very unsettled looking set of weather charts for the week to come. They suggest that once again, rain scatter will be the go-to mode on the GHz bands.

The hidden message here is that this means low pressure and a general lack of high pressure and temperature inversions for enhanced Tropo conditions. It can sometimes be useful to explore areas of high pressure a bit further away, and in the next week we find a large high resident between the UK and the Azores.

A ridge from this high could occasionally just reach out to the south-western corner of the British Isles to give a small chance of Tropo paths from Southern Ireland, southwest England and South Wales towards Spain and perhaps as far as the Canaries or Azores. Apogee is on Thursday, so losses will be high as well.

The only plus is that sky noise on VHF is low all week. There is a flurry of meteor showers this week with the largest, the Draconids, with a zenithal hourly rate of 10, peaking on the 9th.

This is followed by the Southern Taurids on the 10th and the delta Aurigids on the 11th, so we should see some better meteor scatter conditions. The provisional programme of lectures and workshops is now online at www. Weekend package bookings and the Buildathon can be booked until midnight on the 6th of October at www. The event invites radio amateurs, short wave listeners, and others capable of making high-quality frequency measurements on HF to participate and publish their data to the HamSCI community on the Zenodo open-data sharing site.

In Australia, Foundation licensees have gained some digital privileges. The changes include digital modes for Foundation licensees, the removal of the requirement for Foundation licensees to use commercial equipment and a general relaxation of the emission bandwidths for all classes of licence.

There are no changes to output power or bands. The changes took effect on the 21st of September. The first 10 people to work 30 unique postcodes on the 2m band, confirmed by both stations via the app, will get the pick of some great prizes.

Download the worked all postcodes on Google Play or the App Store or visit www. The next edition of RadCom Basics is now available. Each edition of RadCom Basics explores key aspects of amateur radio in a straightforward way. RadCom Basics is sent as an email alert to subscribers when each edition is published. This email provides a list of contents and a link to the articles on the RSGB website. With over 60, visitors to the RSGB National Radio Centre so far inwe are looking to recruit new volunteers to engage with the public and give radio demonstrations.

You should be a licensed amateur, an RSGB Member and be prepared to work a minimum of one preferably two days per month. You will be joining a team of enthusiastic, friendly and dedicated volunteers and full training will be given.

Travel expenses are paid to volunteers living within reasonable travelling distance and NRC volunteers enjoy numerous benefits associated with volunteering at Bletchley Park. Doors open from 10am to 4pm with disabled visitors gaining access at 9. They will be active on as many bands and modes as possible although 60m operation will be limited to 50 watts USB.

September marks the centenary of radio in the Cambridge Area. There is a celebration day today, the 29th of September at Foxton, to which all local amateurs are regiment infanterie parachutiste. Local clubs have activated the callsign GB1CAM and it will be in operation until the end of the month. It ends its 48 hour run at UTC today, the 29th. Using all modes on the 5. Tthe exchange is signal report and your 4-character locator.

Using SSB only, the exchange is your 4-character locator. Next weekend is busy with seven different contests taking place over the two days. The 1. Using all modes on the 1. Last week continued with zero sunspots, making it now more than days this year that the solar surface has remained spotless. Current research suggests that it may be at least next summer before we see Solar Cycle 25 taking off. Solar physicist Lisa Upton says the current solar minimum will continue throughlikely ending in The next solar maximum is expected in Meanwhile, looking at HF propagation last week there were a few surprises.

Ten metre FT8 showed that there are still some short Sporadic-E openings occurring on the band. The trick is to be there when they happen! Daytime critical frequencies are still hovering around the 4. These figures translate to maximum useable frequency over a 3,km path of up to MHz at times. But do keep an eye on Propquest. This weekend will likely see the after-effects on the ionosphere of a very large coronal hole that was spewing out solar matter when this report was being prepared.

This may send the K index up to a maximum of six, with lowered critical frequencies and noisy bands. The rest of the week will see slightly more settled conditions. The good news is that DX is starting to return as we move towards better autumnal ionospheric conditions. The lower bands are also starting to come into their own. There was a totally different feel to the weather last week with a return of rain, showers and strong winds at times.

It looks like a similar story this weekend and into much of the next week for most areas, which will mean that rain scatter is again an item for the coming week. There will be a brief possibility of a weak ridge of high pressure crossing the country mid-week, although such short duration transient features are not usually great providers of Tropo.

The Moon is at perigee, its closest point to Earth, today so path losses are low. Declination is negative and falling so peak moon elevation will get lower as the week progresses. We are entering a period in the Northern Hemisphere where Moon perigee coincides with low and decreasing declination, meaning that lowest path losses coincide with low Moon peak elevation and short moon visibility windows.

This trend will continue until June when perigee and lowest declination coincide. After this, the trend reverses until September when perigee and maximum declination coincide again. This is a double-edged sword, as the upcoming conditions will favour extreme EME DX where antenna elevation needs to be very low, but path losses on the GHz bands will be highest when the Moon is at its highest.

There are no significant meteor showers this week, so continue to check the early hours before dawn for the best random meteors. On Saturday, the 28th, the National Club of the Year finalists will be announced.

Weekend package bookings and the Buildathon can be booked until the 7th of October at www. The weekend of the 28th and 29th of September is the s weekend at Bletchley Park. Since its inception in the International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend has been held on the 3rd full weekend in August. Next year,that weekend is host to the 75th anniversary of the cessation of hostilities in the Pacific region. The organisers of the ILLW event have therefore decided it would be appropriate to temporarily move it to the following weekend, the 22nd and 23rd of August The event will take place at 6.

The next edition of RadCom Basics will be available at the end of September. You can register to receive notification of subsequent issues as they become available; they will appear at the same internet address. The closing date for applications is the 30th of September. Enquiries to Dave Dyer on Details are at www. Everything from national and international traders to a Buildathon will be there.

He will be active when time allows. Details will be published on his website www. Before and after going to Simiutaq he might be active from the main island of Greenland, NA Call in on 2m FM. Volunteers, operators and anyone interested are more than welcome to come along. We had a relatively settled week, with the Kp index remaining at or below four. We are seeing a change to more autumnal HF conditions with north to south paths opening up quite regularly.

The summer doldrums are also now fading as we see an increase in daytime critical frequencies. This is probably the best month for working into the Southern Hemisphere. It does seem that a lot of DX stations have moved to FT8 and FT4 for contacts, a mode that works well under poor conditions due to its lower required signal to noise ratio.

There are also signs that limited Sporadic-E openings are still occurring on 10 metres. Next week, NOAA predicts the solar flux index will remain pegged at about 68, with zero sunspots. The coming week is looking like almost the exact opposite of last week. The high pressure systems will move away east by the start of this weekend and allow Atlantic lows to dominate the weather over the country for much of the coming week.

Other modes are always worth a look, even the odd fleeting bit of Sporadic-E on 10m perhaps. But it also worth mentioning that the autumn months are always a good time to be alert to the prospects of aurora.

The Moon reaches maximum declination tomorrow, and perigee on Friday, so EME conditions should be good all week with falling losses. Sky noise on MHz is mainly falling, but this coming Saturday the Sun and Moon are close together in the sky from mid morning to Moonset, so noise levels will make EME very difficult apart from for GHz band stations with very narrow antenna beam widths.

The daytime Sextanids meteor shower, with a Zenithal Hourly Rate of five, peaks this coming Saturday, but is not a very big one. Continue to check the early hours before dawn for the best random meteors. He was The IARU owes a debt of gratitude to Larry for his tireless work over the decades to represent the interests of amateur radio in regulatory forums. Bulgarian radio amateurs have obtained temporary access to the digital portion of the 50MHz band, Previously their allocation was restricted to just The Yaesu rotator is now back in action and the SteppIR beam can be rotated.

He will investigate the effects of multipath, scintillation, scatter modes and radio characteristics on signal coherence and decodability.

Full details of tickets, weekend packages and the Buildathon can be found at www. This edition will look at RSGB Awards, in particular for the Foundation licence, moving up — Intermediate and Advanced licences, using digital repeaters, and how and why the HF bands come alive in the autumn. Catering and a licensed bar are available on site.

A prize draw will take place. QSL via their home calls, direct or bureau. He will be on the HF bands as well as 6m, 2m and 70cm. He will be on 40, 30 and 20m on CW and digital. This month marks the centenary of radio in the Cambridge area. As well as a celebration day to be held on the 29th of September at Foxton, to which all local amateurs are invited, local clubs have activated the callsign GB1CAM and will be operating it throughout September.

Further details are at cdarc. It will be on the air until the 30th of November. For more information visit QRZ. EU stations only work non EU stations. Using RTTY only, the exchange is just your serial number. Using CW only, the exchange is signal report and serial number. It was a quiet week, geomagnetically speaking, with the Kp index generally not rising above two. There were some highlights though, mostly on FT8. Columbia was decoded on Wednesday evening on 15 metres at a time when CW and SSB users might have thought the band was dead.

On a brighter note, in a new paper, scientists predict that the current solar cycle 24 will end in the first half ofkicking off the growth of solar cycle 25 very shortly after. Meanwhile NOAA predicts that next week the solar flux index will remain low with an estimate of A total lack of Earth-facing coronal holes is good news, with the Kp index remaining at around two. Finally, we are starting to see the gradual change to autumnal HF conditions, which will bring better DX working over the next couple of months.

The Propquest site shows that the maximum usable frequency is now hitting more than 18MHz over a 3,km path at times, so 17m is becoming quite usable as we exit the summer doldrums.

It is also still showing an uplift in the critical frequency after dark on most days, which could bring some DX surprises. The coming week will suit VHFers who like to rise early, so set those alarms to get the best DX opportunities. Last Friday saw Moon apogee, when it is at its furthest point from Earth, and Moon declination goes positive today, so EME conditions will improve as the week progresses.

The Moon will rise higher in the sky at zenith and will be above 50 degrees elevation in Southern England in the early hours of Thursday.

Sky noise on MHz starts the week at a low of around kelvin, and path losses will fall. There are no major meteor showers this week, but the September epsilon-Perseids minor shower, though past its peak, continues to be active until around the 21st September. Check the early hours before dawn for the best random meteors. This race was the FoxO competition, where the hidden transmitters are roughly indicated by a circle on the map. The competitor has to orienteer to the area of the circle and then use radio direction finding to locate the hidden transmitter.

There is no flag, just a SportIdent box beside the transmitter. John Marriott, M0OJM was over the line in second place in the M70 category, just 6 seconds ahead of the bronze medallist.

Congratulations to John. As promised last week, the RSGB has just released documents with sample questions for every syllabus item in the Foundation and Intermediate exams. These new resources will provide additional help to tutors and candidates as they prepare for the exams under Syllabus The Society has also published a sample optical marking sheet to demonstrate to candidates what they will be given if they choose to do the paper format exam.

All of these documents can be found on the RSGB website at www. Further resources are being finalised and will be released over the next few weeks, so look out for new announcements. All of these videos, and many more, are at www. The annual maintenance shutdown of the MSF service, the dedicated time broadcast, has been announced.

The service will be off-air from to BST on the 12th of September. If the weather is unsuitable for work to be carried out, then the service will not be turned off. Normal service should resume next week. Then a number of test setups will be available using radios, SDRs and spectrum analysers to let you see and hear some of these common RFI sources.

If you have an unusual source then bring it along for them to investigate. Access is via the car park in Beach Road. Doors open from 9. There will be a raffle and the onsite café and museum will also be open. A special event station will be on the air. Car parking is available. Enrolment for Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced exam courses and Morse class will take place at the rally.

He will operate SSB and digital modes on the 60 to 6m bands. QSL via his home callsign.

He will operate mainly CW on the 40, 30, 20 and 17m bands. QSL via the bureau. All visitors are welcome and the tower will be open as usual. September marks the centenary of radio in the Cambridge area. Both use the 3. Using all modes, the exchange for both contests is signal report, serial number and locator. YL operators may send There are two contests that start and finish today, the 8th.

Using SSB only, the exchange is signal report and serial number. This time the exchange is signal report, serial number and locator. It takes place between and UTC on the 80m band. Note the EU stations only work non EU stations.

Our prediction last week that there would be a major geomagnetic storm turned out to be correct, although we got the timing a little wrong. The solar material from a coronal hole actually hit the Earth in the early hours of Saturday morning, rather than later that day, sending the three-hourly Kp index up to five.

Such was its intensity that eventually the Kp index hit six. The solar wind speed exceeded kilometres per second during the main event and auroras were reported around high northern and southern latitudes. Some listeners reported a pre-auroral enhancement.

Next week NOAA predicts iniezioni botox iperidrosi solar flux index will remain around 67 or 68 as we continue into solar minimum. After the potential for unsettled geomagnetic conditions at the beginning of the weekend, due to yet another coronal hole, things should then remain settled for the rest of the week.

It seems that coronal hole activity will once again dominate forecasts for the time being. The pattern for the coming week offers high pressure as the predominant feature in the south of the UK, with a continuing chance of Tropo to the south into France and Spain.

The northern half of Britain will see areas of low pressure passing by the far north of Scotland, which will possibly bring some rain scatter at times and preclude any widespread prolonged Tropo. There have been some very isolated openings on 10m, but 6m is getting very sparse now. The end of this week sees the full Moon, known as the Harvest Moon, falling within 14 days of the autumn equinox.

However, the week starts with relatively high sky noise on MHz of more than masque huile de ricin pour cheveux gras, kelvin. Path loss increases throughout the week as the Moon moves towards apogee.

This would not be an ideal week for small station EME. On a brighter note, the full Moon next weekend occurs at low declination, which will favour those stations without elevation.

The full Moon may, clouds permitting, allow a good visual sighting for beam alignment. For those lucky enough to run reasonable size antennas on the bands above 1GHz, there will be scope to work EME throughout the week. There are no major meteor showers this week.

The September Epsilon-Perseids minor shower is active from around the 5th to the 21st of September, with a peak on the 10th. This shower is not expected to produce a large return, however.

But it should be worth monitoring the usual meteor scatter frequencies on 6m and 2m as the unexpected might happen! This excellent result for amateur radio occurred in parallel to a number of other proposals being adopted to support aeronautical interests. However, for the 23cm band, following intense discussions, a WRC proposal was considered necessary to ensure the protection of new satellite navigation systems such as Galileo from amateur emissions in the to MHz range.

The draft Resolution that would guide such studies excludes the removal of the existing amateur Secondary allocations.

The RSGB will shortly add further details and copies of key papers to its online focus pages at www. The October edition of RadCom will also feature further information as the process now moves towards the final stage at the World Radio Conference this autumn. In preparation for Syllabuswhich comes into effect this Sunday, 1 September the RSGB has added to the range of documents for tutors and candidates.

They include a new handy syllabus reference column to help candidates check the appropriate part of the syllabus if they need further revision on specific questions. The Syllabus Full Specification document has been updated with a few minor changes that are shown in the Change Log at the end. Additional supporting materials will be released soon, including documents that will provide sample questions for every syllabus item in each of the exams.

The camp, which will take place in a forest setting, promises to be lots of fun, and will include a variety of workshops and activities. Find out more at www. All necessary equipment will be provided, along with a team to assist you through the build. For more info, to book your Buildathon place, for weekend packages or day tickets, go to www. Early Bird discounts end at midnight tonight, the 1st of September.

With over 60, visitors to the RSGB National Radio Centre at Bletchley Park so far inwe are looking to recruit new volunteers to engage with the public and give radio demonstrations.

You must be a licensed amateur, an RSGB Member and be prepared to work a minimum of one or preferably two days per month.

He operates mainly CW. The exchange is signal report followed by your 4-character locator. Do read the rules carefully for this new contest. The contest has three 4-hour sessions. Another contest over next weekend is the All Asian DX contest. There are two contests on next Sunday only. The past week was characterised by a low solar flux index and relatively-calm geomagnetic conditions. There were reports of numerous Sporadic-E openings this week that livened up the 10m band.

On Thursday these spread from Serbia through to Germany, Finland and Norway and were probably caused by a strong jet stream, which can be seen on the Met Office millibar charts. The Space Weather Services Bureau of Meteorology in Australia has been reporting that its T index, which can be best thought of as an "equivalent sunspot number", has been hovering around zero after weeks of being very negative.

Nevertheless, the Chilton ionosonde has been recording daytime F2 critical frequencies of about 4. This may result in depressed HF conditions after an initial enhancement. These should settle by Tuesday or Wednesday, leaving the rest of the week with a K index of two or three and potentially better conditions. The last week brought some welcome late season Sporadic-E to many parts of the UK, even reaching 2m on one occasion.

This was an unusually-widespread opening geographically, with most areas from Scandinavia round to Portugal being worked. Sporadic-E is possible into early September, so be sure to check the various blogs and clusters for activity. The coming week will see unsettled weather generally with some showers or spells of rain, especially in the north.

This may give a few opportunities for rain scatter. The Moon is past perigee and declination goes negative again tonight, reaching minimum a week today. The EME week will be characterised by shortening Moon windows and rising path losses. There are no major meteor showers this week so stick with the usual pre-dawn enhancement for the best meteor scatter conditions.

As the introduction of Syllabus approaches, the RSGB has a range of materials to help candidates and tutors prepare. To see and download the booklets and instructor PARS, go to www. The contest runs for 48 hours ending at UTC today, the 25th. Use digital modes and CW only on the 2m band. The objective is to work as many participating stations as possible.

A total of 84 multipliers are available. DX stations will send a signal report and the letters DX instead of their Section. All bands except 60, 30, 17, and 12m can be used. Contacts may be made on CW, phone and digital modes. Incentives are available for using different modes, operating portable, and using social media, among others. Logs will be scored, and downloadable certificates will be available. The Buildathon on Saturday evening is a little different this year.

Early Bird discounts have been extended until the 1st of September. Provisional results for this very popular contest are available at www. It is an indoor event and tables are available to sell your own equipment. The event opens to the public from 10am. Minor catering will be available. Doors open at 10am, with disabled visitors gaining access at 9.

The indoor event has plenty of free parking on site. There is free parking and on-site catering. Doors open from 9am. Additional information is at www. Talk in will be on Catering is provided on site. Next Saturday, the 31st, the Telford Hamfest Buildathon takes place in the evening. Contact Martyn on Now is the time to let us know your rally and event plans for We need to know four months in advance to get your info into RadComand do our best to give you free publicity for as many months as possible.

He will operate on the 40 to 6m bands and QSLs go via his home call. Special event station GB8NCI will be on the air today, the 25th, for the second day from 10am to 8pm.

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There will be an open house and the public will be invited to view the radio station and, where appropriate, pass a greetings message under supervision. Locator is IO80HO. British Inland Waterways on the Air takes place over the August bank holiday, the 24th to 26th of August.

The event is open to all amateurs who are boaters, cyclists or who otherwise use the canals, rivers, towpaths or riverbanks for work or recreation. If you are interested in registering your station for the event or for more information, please visit www.

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The last seven days have seen quiet geomagnetic conditions but, equally, zero sunspots and a solar flux index of around Nevertheless, the Lighthouses on the Air event last weekend saw UK stations finding people to talk to, even if real DX was a little thin on the ground.

Saturday the 17th saw numerous short-skip openings on 40m that were probably due to Sporadic-E. Path lengths of less than miles were reported by GB0HL in Norfolk, which meant UK stations were able to talk to others around the country on seven megahertz. This was at a time when the critical frequency, as reported by the Chiltern Digisonde, was only 4. Make the most of any potential Sporadic-E openings on HF as the season is fast coming to an end.

But it will be replaced by better Autumnal F2 layer conditions so it is not all bad news. As the ionosphere cools there will a shift towards more monatomic rather than diatomic species, and these are easier sistema regime especial sefaz sp ionise.

Therefore, after a potential pre-auroral enhancement, expect MUFs to be adversely affected for a couple of days next weekend. Microwave bands rain scatter was the main player last week, but it's looking like we start the period with some high pressure controlling the weather pattern over the UK.

This could herald the return of useful Tropo conditions. This Tropo period should probably last until midweek as temperatures gradually rise to high-summer values before a breakdown, with a chance of thunderstorms from mid-week.

It often happens that in very hot weather, the Tropo tends to favour sea paths and night-time over the land. The last part of the coming week appears to be heading towards lower pressure with showery weather and cooler conditions, but it should offer some more chances for rain scatter from any big cumulonimbus thunder clouds.

Sporadic-E is showing up on 10m on most days, but getting harder to find on 6m. It's not done yet, but be guided by the clusters and beacons and you should be able to make use of any that does crop up. One minor meteor shower, the Aurigids, peaks a week today with a Zenith Hourly Rate of six. Most of its papers are now available, including on current hot topics in the 6m, 2m and 23cm bands, where RSGB volunteers have been working hard to support the IARU. In summary, at 50MHz IARU hopes that the European Common Proposal for WRC will be supported, with as many administrations as possible signing the optional footnote to allow amateurs Primary access on a national basis in the lower part of the band.

IARU has submitted a paper to the meeting that includes background on amateur usage and regulatory concerns. It also includes a basic technical analysis showing the impracticality of such a proposal and believes there are much more appropriate parts of the spectrum for such an application. Turning to 23cm, there has been concern about a few cases of interference from amateur signals to the Galileo navigation system, specific to its E6 sub-band at MHz. IARU experts will be present in the CEPT meeting to explain on these topics and other agenda items of interest, including other microwave bands and wireless power.

You can read more at www. The ninth annual Youngsters on the Air Summer Camp comes to a close this weekend. The experiences of the British team are at www. Ofcom has agreed to extend for a further year the Notice of Variation NoV for MHz to encourage radio amateurs to experiment and test new communications schemes and systems.

The current NoVs expire on 31 October In the last year, NoVs menu regime extreme rapide issued for this segment. The distance spanned during the 11th of August contact was The received signals were —17dB on one end and —20dB on the other. The Buildathon on Saturday evening is a little different. For more info, to book your Buildathon place, weekend packages or day tickets, go to www.

Your nominee should be an up-and-coming HF DXer who has made rapid progress in the last year and has some real achievements to show. Doors open from 10am to 4pm, with traders having access from 8. There is a car boot area. Two local clubs are taking part in the bicentennial commemoration Peterloo Massacre incident in Manchester, which happened on the 16th of August We had more of the same last week with zero sunspots, but no geomagnetic disturbances.

The good news is that there appear to be no Earth-facing coronal holes coming around the Sun, although there are significant holes around the solar polar regions. The tool at Propquest.

It appears that the critical frequency, and therefore maximum useable frequency, have been increasing after sunset. This means that the higher HF bands, such as 20 or even 17m, may be staying open longer.

It also means that 80m is often open for UK contacts after dark, at least until nearly midnight. Daytime DX is still a little harder to come by as D-layer absorption still reigns supreme, but it is worth looking for greyline contacts around sunset. Next week NOAA predicts the solar flux index will be at 67 and the geomagnetic K index will be at two.

This means we can expect 20 or perhaps 17m to be the highest bands in use, other than contacts via Sporadic-E, which is now declining as we head towards September. The recent run of unsettled weather has produced some heavy thundery downpours in places and some nice rain scatter propagation across the UK on the microwave bands. Northern Britain will however remain nearer the low pressure and provide a few further options of rain scatter.

Sporadic-E is putting in the odd appearance on 10m, 6m and 4m, but getting very hard to find now. Next week should start with the best chances with a jet stream over the near continent, but this will probably weaken later, so focus on the first half of the week.

The Moon was at apogee yesterday so EME path losses are at their highest this weekend. Before last month, the highest number of visitors was 10, in August July saw 10, visitors to the NRC, with several days seeing over visitors through the door. Up to 80 young radio amateurs, primarily from IARU Region 1 but including participants from other parts of the world, will gather in Bulgaria from today, the 11th of August for the ninth annual Youngsters on the Air Summer Camp.

Activities will include kit building and an opportunity to visit the surrounding region, including the Acom amplifier factory. You can read about the experiences of the British team at www. ILLW now attracts over lighthouse entries located in over 40 countries. The Early Bird discounts have been extended until the 1st of September.

A talk-in station will be on S There is car parking on site and doors are open from 10am to 4. There will be trade stands with indoor and field pitches and a car boot area. No dogs are allowed, except Guide dogs, which is a condition set by the landowner.

They will use the callsign ZS9V. Look for them mainly on 10, 15 and 20m SSB. Robben Island is where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years. An emphasis will be on the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend. Advance notice now for British Inland Waterways on the Air This annual event takes place over the August bank holiday, the 24th to 26th of August.

Many clubs and individual amateurs who are on or near the UK inland waterways obtain Special Event Station callsigns. United States and Canada, age 21 and older. The process begins with the tional experience for participants highlighting the three ini- careful selection of high-quality, lean pork legs.

Only there can neurope. Fresh practices because their ingredients must come from and Asiago tastes of creamy milk and melts easily on your their production must occur within the natural environ- 17 tongue while aged Asiago varies from sweet and yeasty, to ment in which the product developed.

PgI foods are made with traditional production me- thods in their historic places of origin. While raw ingre- Speck Alto Adige PGI, made exclusively in the Alto dients can be sourced outside the production area but Adige region of Italy, is a unique ham that melds the air- within the EU, all ingredients are scrupulously monitored curing traditions of the Mediterranean with the smoke- for quality.

Ça promet! Ambiance fes- compétition amicale : tive, DJ, nuit blanche et gastronomie seront également de la partie. GVQ 2. Le siège social de Groupe Voyages Québec est maintenant situé au boulevard Laurier. Chaque année, plus de voyageurs découvrent les quatre coins du monde grâce à leurs circuits, séjours, escapades et croisières.

Cette stratégie a été tégie visant la vitalité et la mise en valeur du patri- rendue possible grâce à une initiative annoncée en no- moine nordique permettant, principalement, le vembre dans le cadre de la mise à jour du Plan démantèlement de quelque camps mobile en économique du Québec. En lien avec cette stratégie, le gou- velles initiatives visant à soutenir le développement vernement a également annoncé une enveloppe de économique des régions.

Par cette emplois et qui génère des retombées économiques stratégie, le Gouvernement du Québec donne des moyens de près de millions annuellement. T cette chasse sportive entrera en vigueur le 1er février Simon Duchaine.

Marketing de la compagnie. Ceci conclut notre voyage et notre événement, et Chambre Fédérale autrichienne du Commerce. This summit is hosted by the Chinese Entrepreneurial Council of Canada CCEC This summit is a perfect opportunity to establish a platform for closer cooperation and full exchange for tourism between china and canada. Tourism industry elites in China and Canada, representatives from tourism in Quebec and other provinces, The summit brought together over 60 representatives of more distinguished guests from all walks of life and Chinese and foreign than 40 travel agencies in china and professionals from all walks media attended the event.

He guests. At the same time, they discussed in depth the prospects two premiers in advance. The world is of bilateral cooperation in bilateral trade, tourism and culture. By strengthening tourism cooperation, it will surely in their annual strategic plan. In the future, the forms of tourism cooperation between in her speech, Guylaine Tremblay, the spokesperson for Hua- the two countries will be more diverse and the content will be enri- jing Holidays, shared her memorable experience with her family ched.

As we all know, canada has abundant tourism resources and is Ambassador Lushaye spoke highly of the successful hosting of one of the fastest growing tourist destinations for chinese tourists. There are more than dif- trust. China is a major tourist country and tourism coopera- Quebec city has the most intact old city in North America.

Canada, tighten the bond of mutual public opinion and common pros- perity, and promote mutual understanding, mutual tolerance and mu- As the head of the china National Tourism Administration in tual reference among China and Canada. Effectively, It is a large rock of meters of alti- tude transformed into a natural park to protect a vege- tal reserve of more than species and a rich fauna 40 of marine birds that nest in its nooks and crannies. Conditioned as a classroom of nature, you can observe from the native carnations to the original robertiana or- chids.

Climbing the summit by a path designed for this D i s purpose is mandatory for those who wish to have a complete panoramic view of the coast of the Marina Alta region. The hard-working mountaineers enjoy climbing down its south face, which plummets over the sea. It is an authentic tourist village, which has a coastline of fine sand beaches with stretches of cliffs and an- cient saltworks, which minceur j-15 forté pharma recrutement a characteristic aspect VILLA to its interior landscape.

The terraces of the res- taurants offer the lively clientele the opportunity to taste fresh seafood. On the other hand, its historic center pre- serves the remains of a 16th century fort, the Torreón de calpe is located next to the rock and on a hillock maigrir avec la pleine conscience Peça and the parish Gothic origin church with Mudejar coming from the last foothills of the sierra Bernia, additions.

From the hermitages of the Comet and the Savior spectacular geographical feature that allows to link it is possible to contemplate attractive perspectives.

In the riu-raus, the name given to the farmhouses protected by arcades where the grapes are left to dry, traditio- This town proudly offers the visitor the elegance nal life follows the rhythm of always. From that grape of the neo-gothic temple of the Purísima Xiqueta.

On the right, taking as a reference the direc- varied activities. The beautiful man- sions and the Moorish lattices abound. The Trading hall, built in the 15th century, is its most unique buil- ding.

Also the house of the Orduña Towers, gentle- men of guadalest, constitutes a testimony of its 45 important past. Another charm are the various hermitages scattered throughout the term as Santa Ana, Benimarraig, Pinos, Lleus, Benimarco and Pedramala. Ty- terruptedly by rocks and with small strips of sand.

On pical rices prepared in different ways baked, amb this coast are the beaches and cliffs of Benissa, fessols and naps, etc. The numerous urbanizations rise uphill between leafy in lebanon and precisely in Tyre Sour, South lebanonTouristica trees occupying all the living space. To this is added the Mexican charisma itself, and in Taxco, another of the therefore it is not surprising that travelers love to know this part of the state of Guerrero.

On the one hand, the Ministry of Tourism made its appeal known by naming it Ciudad Luz magical towns of Mexico that and, on the other hand, it has also been declared a magical town since In other words, there are plenty of reasons adds to a well-nurtured list. This comes from being an important mining center and, also, the oldest in the whole continent.

In addition, at the 54 Guillermo Spratling Museum you can see unparalleled silver- ware as pre-Hispanic pieces you can not miss. This church of more than years old, built in the baroque style of New spain, is a must stop on any tour. It is an image of Christ the Redeemer that is located on the top of the Cerro del Atache, and from where of the people makes them an interesting way to enter the history you can see the whole town with its orange roofs rippling over of places.

Therefore, perhaps, is that in addition to the santa the green hills. Prisca that we mentioned earlier, the church of the Holy Trinity is another recommended point in any itinerary. The caves of cacahuamilpa are close to Taxco and are also a nice tour to do in a day trip because they are only 30 kilometers Visiting the Museum of Viceregal Art where pieces of the vice- 55 away.

Now, to travel tory of Taxco. There is much to see in this magical town of them is an adventure that never ceases to amaze you. The ruins of prehispanic buildings are an exquisite trip to other eras in America. Regala a tu pareja much less, chocolates. The chocolaterapia, is leza. Clients staying at the Hotel have 1 access for 3 hours per night stay service not included for children, who can access the facilities after 3 years of age and always accompanied by an adult.

This service must be contracted once at the Hotel. El precio por persona para una noche, de colaterapia The treatment costs 66 euros per person. El tratamiento de chocolaterapia cuesta 66 euros The origins of the spa building dating back to with design por persona.

His original intention was to build the largest and most luxurious building Tea Valley. Modern Es- Los orígenes de la construcción del balneario se remontan a sentially, the current spa respects the architectural style of its inspirer, con diseño de prestigioso arquitecto Cost of botox treatment for overactive bladder Palacios.

Esencialmente moderno, el actual balneario in English style. It integrates a modern conference center and conven- respeta el estilo arquitectónico de su inspirador, el Gran Hotel. In equipadas al detalle y decoradas, al igual que el resto de las instala- the spa, which carries a tradition of more than a century, they are still ciones, en estilo inglés.

Guests staying at the hotel have included ac- cess three hours per night of stay. Los clientes alojados en el Hotel tienen incluido un acceso de tres horas electrotherapie et cellulite cada noche de estancia. El nuevo reco- spa in Spain. La elección del Balneario de Mon- village. T rolla actualmente por parte del equipo que preside Javier solano rodríguez-Losada.

From winter sports in the surrounding Sierra Ne- vada mountains to summer water sports in the largest al- solace of its pine lake in North America, Tahoe is an alpine paradise of year-round activities. Averaging days of sunshine, interspaced with picture-perfect snowfalls, Tahoe offers leisure activities.

But nothing matches the magnificent many boats and barges used in the lake before the scenery. The 2. That same route — now Sammy Davis, Jr. That legacy continues today with hour gaming at The first casino opened in Crystal Bay in Ca-Neva Resort.

The gambling palace gained notoriety Come grab lunch and unwind with a beer or soak in the sun at the lines for the ski lifts on Heavenly Mountain outdoor bar at Tamarak lodge which is at the top of the aerial tramway. Emerald Bay state Park. Opened in June,this Fannette, a small island in the lake. Framed by sheer hectare property is the newest resort in the area. Dixie ii — the largest cruising vessel in South res, wait times are usually minimal. Stop at the Observation Deck for a breathtaking Absolutely the best way to see the Lake and all of its view of the Lake and surrounding mountains, then warm beauty is to ride the gondola up Heavenly Mountain.

With 29 lifts, 94 ski all experience levels and classes for beginners. The gon- runs and nearly 2,hectares, there is something here dola is open seven days. From here you get a perfect view of the lake and Fannette Island.

Approved manager regime bvi quad

Look closely and THInGs To do 74 you will spot the ruins of a tiny stone teahouse perched on the top of the island. More relaxed than Las hoeboatrides. The Marian Steinbach Indian Basket Collection rates approximate and vary by season and day of week consists of an impressive collection of over baskets as well as dolls, artifacts, and pottery.

Recently remodeled, it is rant featuring Italian cuisine. Hotel and under. Azure also provides complimentary WiFi, free parking. The passenger M. Dixie ii — the largest cruising vessel in South lake Tahoe — offers daytime and sunset dinner cruises.

The friendly service here will have you fee- WHere To eaT ling more like you are staying with friends than at an impersonal hotel. Under the direction of owners Evan and Can- make your stay warm, inviting and comfortable.

From the ele- Mountain Gondola and meet you when you return. Recently renovated, this room Lunch menus range from salads and sandwiches to a resort offers mountain views, a casino, shops, live music, wonderful lobster roll and the best brick oven pizzas in. Under the direction of Chris Brackett and his son Jared, the restaurant was furnished from found and recycled materials giving it a real feeling of home.

Doors from the same house serve as the tables. T he state of Queretaro, a few kilometers northwest of Mexico City and second largest fully combines art and culture with knowledge and taste their wines and cheeses. The gourmet visi- country wine region, is pro- tors can tour the Art Route, moting a curious tourist and Cheese and Wine in Queretaro enogastronomic route success- and will not leave disappointed. During the in the state. Knowing Querétaro and its history is an excellent tour guided by vineyards and wineries, to learn the process of wi- plan to begin a tour of Mexico as it is a heritage town, considered nemaking, meet cellars, tastings and pairings tours are offered.

Querétaro holds great biodiversity and different Also known breeding areas and milking cattle. Discover the pro- ecosystems that coexist in one place. Has prepared numerous acti- cess of making cheese, visit wine cellars maturing and take gastro- vities, alternative sports is constant throughout the state, from nomic workshops.

ATV expeditions to the canyons and rivers in the mountains, to 84 the prairies circuits ciclísticos south. You can relax in one of the Within the route, which is visited each year by aboutecotourist camps or stand in any of the nearby towns, surrounded tourists, cultural and artistic events such as exhibitions, music fes- by vineyards and cheese shops where you can enjoy the good life, tivals, concerts Her Magical ries stands the original urban layout. The layout of its streets de- Towns as Bernal, Tequisquiapan and Jalpan de serra, to the beau- monstrates the syncretism which operated for years.

This monumental building is one of the largest in Mexico. The Historic center keeps, has a length of m. Today you houses, also have stories that reveal the past of Queretaro and its can see, in the same yard, sundials oriented each to work at diffe- former inhabitants so knowing the legends is an indispensable rent seasons.

Far and near between christianity and indigenous beliefs. Each mission has its own style great biodiversity and different ecosystems it contains. Be- scapes of the sierra. Then cooked and served with cheese, avo- wrapped in sheets Papatla called sacahuil, and typical drinks like cado, cilantro and tomatoes prepared based sauce, onions, green simichol, made from fermented corn and charape made of peppers, salt and lemon. The queretana kitchen is linked to civic festivals, religious traditions and the annual harvest cycles that coincide with the employer ce- lebrations such as Holy cross, Holy Week and the faithful.

Querétaro is located about kilometers from Mexico city. Buses botox na gengiva from the traditional, varied and above all exotic. There gastronomy pre- airport itself in the North Terminal Mexico city to Queretaro in sents dishes with unusual ingredients such as cactus. T 87 www. Est-ce vraiment possible? Vous y croyez? Mais dans les années chez-nous? Quel scénario quand même!

Photo haut gauche The study estimates that lived there than previously thought. The mapping detected about might have been needed.