Best ny motorcycle rides

La route entre Baie Comeau Canada, Province de Québec et Goose Bay Labrador est certainement un des endroits de rédilection dans cette région pour les amateurs de moto double-usage. Une bonne dose de préparation est importante car il n'y a que très peu de services le long de cette route. BONUS: La dernière portion de la route au Labrador est complété donc il n'est plus nécessaire de revenir sur vos pas ou de prendre le long traversier pour vous rendre a Terre-Neuve via Blanc Sablon.

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The road from Baie Comeau Canada, Province of Quebec to Goose Bay Labrador is certainly one of the favorite spot in this region for the motorcycle enthusiast dual-use. A good deal of preparation is important because there are only very few services along this road. Important external links: www.

This is probably the best ride on the Burin peninsula. Its a combination of shoreline and low mountains so it twists a lot. There are some really outstanding views and Harbour Mille is an outport typical of the type of fishing village that had no road access until very recently.

If using a GPS be certain that your route takes you via Jacques Fontaine as theres a secondary inland route as well. On the coastal section there are other small communities on short branching roads that are worth a look.

Best ny motorcycle rides

This is a route that winds along the south shore of Bay of Islands and has great views of the mountains and shoreline. De multiple endroits pour s'arrêter admirer les panoramas. Les courbes des routes intérieurs à elles seules vales le détour.

Un des plus beau tracé moto de la Gaspésie. A faire comme bien des routes des deux côtés. Surveillez la prédominance du vents le long de la côte. Route long description : This mile trip starts from Lachute just outside Montreal.

It takes you directly north to Saint-Donat-de-Montcalm on the wonderfully twisty and scenic routethis road is a local treasure. We briefly take route east before joining the wonderfully twisty and scenic and following it up to Saint Paullin.

After that we head towards Parc Mauricie where we make a thoroughly fun scenic route of tighter curves through the parc and end the tour in Shawinigan Image : View of Le Passage in the Parc Mauricie ; Credit : wikipedia Fralambert.

This route takes you through the southern portion of the Gatineau Park all the way to the Champlain Lookout which offers a wonderful view of the Ottawa Valley, there's other lookouts on the way there and some trails to explore on foot. All the roads are in excellent condition from never being used by commercial vehicles and not being used at all in winter.

The only hazards are animals and cyclists. West Island Montreal through Ontario just over the Quebec boarder. Very relaxing ride.

Lots of places to eat and lots of fuel stops. Once in Lachute, the winds through the lower laurentians, small towns, lakes and rivers. Just keep your eyes on this windy road or end up on your ass in the ditch! Lorsque vous aller au NB durant les vacances, prener ce chemin, ces un chemin différent que la grand route et vous aller voir du pays!!! Rien de spécial.