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XD ps. Commentaire de Thottbot If you ninja something this rare, then not only do you deserve to be spit on, but you should be reported. Commentaire de Thottbot Still I hear no one say anything about you needing to keep the raptor alive during the fight or not.

Or will the mount drop even if you kill it then the blood lord? Our guild killed the mount and this dropped off of Mandokir anyway. A NE priest named Gixxer now has it on Medivh.

Commentaire de Thottbot If the drop rate really is 0. Even then, you're in a raid with 19 other people, so if it DOES drop, you have about a 1 in 20 chance of getting it. Not good odds, really. Commentaire de Thottbot We killed both the raptor and the Bloodlord. Reputation doesn't matter in regards to drop. None of us in the raid was higher than honored with Zandalar Tribe at the time.

Wow total rides

Typical rare elite mount drop, same speed as all the other elite mounts. Ps seems that mine is the third on Argent Dawn. It was bid on with DKP and the winner, Kyra, generously gave it to another guildmate, Ponk, one of our main tanks.

When someone is that generous it is simply amazing. He looks great riding it. Commentaire de Thottbot Dropped last night, got it for my Tauren Druid When a Tauren is on one of these it looks like a freakin T-Rex. I'll put up a Screenshot later :D. Commentaire de Thottbot I dropped! First time I had personally seen it drop out of only a couple of previous runs.

This seems to be the most diplomatic way to roll for an item of this nature. I won the roll and have been enjoying the attention, to be sure. Since I got this item, I have seen one other on Uther with the same mount. I don't know currently how many are on this server, but I bet it is less than 10 other toons. I have never seen the tiger mount on Uther, but have seen the Baron's mount once. It was our third attempt on the Bloodlord that night, and we were all halfway thinking about calling it a night.

Then that bad boy dropped. The Raid Leader's reaction on seeing that thing in the loot window was priceless. I beat out everyone with a on the free roll. Talk about lady luck showing up at the right time! Commentaire de Thottbot I did a run with my friend's mage to Zul'Gurub with my since my guild needed a mage. This one dropped, I rolled 99, I won the roll, but all of a sudden someone else got it because it wasn't my mage, and they wanted to keep it in guild.

Well, he never plays and I think about the mage as my mage. And now a ugly dwarf runs around with this one Before we rolled. Commentaire de Thottbot We were lucky enough on our first tiger kill to have the swift zulian tiger drop, which went to one of our main troll warriors, Boogeyman, and this dropped off our last bloodlord kill after about 30 killsand I won Orc Shaman.

I'm the guild leader. This is generally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, there is no way in hell I'm going to stop people on the run from rolling because they already have an epic. Christ, you can get a cheap one from AV! Its not hard. I love this raptor. It owns. God I love my Raptor :P. Commentaire de Allakhazam Definite huntzorz weapwn! Commentaire de Allakhazam ya know i have a dwarf and he would look really silly on this thing i mean even a human doesnt reach the sturrips by a little bit for a dwarf or gnome you wouldnt see us cause helicopter rides on panama city beach would be invisible behind its head.

Commentaire de Allakhazam I rather have the black war raptor then this. Commentaire de Allakhazam This has not dropped for my guild yet and we are running ZG once a week - so it may never drop :P. My logic goes like this: If you already have an epic mount you are actually weaking your guild by taking this, as other guildies will now have to spend Gold or however much it is or months in the BGs ie time not spent helping out the guild or each other and improving their characters getting one.

You can buy a lot of stuff with Gold. For the people who think it's a status symbol, well I think the thing that gets you respect or status in your guild or even on a server is how you treat others and how much you contribute, not the colour of your mount. Food for thought anyways.

Commentaire de Allakhazam Theres one thing i dont get about it. Bloodlord Mandokir rides a orange raptor and he drops a green one! Commentaire de Allakhazam Are there only 3 charges or can u repeatedly use it?

But the stormsaber is kickass too :. Commentaire de Allakhazam My god first time i went to ZG i said this is a waste of time but Commentaire de Allakhazam Wow that mount must look nice. Commentaire de Allakhazam Dropped on Zul'Jin tonight. Warrior named Wilhouse lucky bastard won it.

Commentaire de Allakhazam I heard two of these dropped for the horde on Mannoroth last night.

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I know for a fact at least one dropped. Only non-epic mounted could roll and I won! Commentaire de Allakhazam I just got mine last night. Level 60 Orc Hunter on Malygos. Horde first I think, not sure though. I dont want to spend DKP on it for no reason.

Commentaire de Allakhazam we got it today on zenedar :D Alliance first and serv first too i think :P lucky rogue got it :D ZG 4th boss. Looks ace with a gnome on top of it me :. Commentaire de Allakhazam Got this sexy mount last week! Edited, Mon Mar 20 So I am hoping that these drop aren't too rare. Commentaire de Allakhazam got this 3 days ago on doomhammer - alliance.

Commentaire de Allakhazam got this today on crushridge EU, Zoraf human paladinwell the munt actually sux compared to the horde ones rank 11 overall but is still a raptor on a human. Ahthe nice thing Commentaire de Allakhazam Got it today, Kazzak Horde; There is many ppls on Kazzak with this mount and the tiger mount aswell:o. ML rolled for groupthen player in groupWent to a druid, nightelf on raptor! Commentaire de Allakhazam So Seeing as how there are 2 designs for Dropable Mounts, and 1 has already dropped to our knowledge Chances are these arent too rare?

Commentaire de Allakhazam Is it just me, or does alot of people on my server have this mount? Anyone can mount it.

Drops off Bloodlord in ZG.

Edited, Tue Sep 20 Commentaire de Allakhazam Dropped 2 of this raptor on the same day on Zenedar! Gratz Tasha and Monwell Commentaire de Allakhazam when u get it can u ride it or do u have to get training first? Commentaire de Allakhazam Night elf females would look very good with one of these babies.

Commentaire de Allakhazam My guild just had one drop in Medivh. I was the lucky winner! My first ever ZG raid, so I was pretty surprised. It was won by a gnome called Gnunu.

Some people say it's the first on server, others have said it's the 3rd, but like that really matters. I guess you have to like the look of raptors to like this, but even though I don't like how it looks I'd ride it all the time if I'd actually won it : Edited, Wed Feb 15 Commentaire de Allakhazam Anyone got any screenshots of a Tauren riding one of these?

Commentaire de Allakhazam I know some of you think that just because other people have their epic mounts they shouldn't roll on this. That's total BS. Now I'm not saying that people with lvl 40 mounts shouldn't be able to roll blah blah blah, I'm just saying that a large amount of people had to farm for their epic mount, and if the lvl 40 mount people want an epic so bad, they can farm for it just like everyone else had to. Commentaire de Allakhazam Gnome prio!

Commentaire de Allakhazam everyone, both alliance and horde, tauren included. Commentaire de Allakhazam I just noticed this thing requires the riding. Commentaire de Allakhazam i was there when Chouette won the raptor t.

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Hunter itam! Commentaire de Allakhazam NVM, didn't see the tiger drop before now, my bad! Edited, Wed Nov 2 Commentaire de Allakhazam kinda a noob question but whatever im sorta new to WoW, does it require raptor riding? Derniers sujets. ICC Screen. Ven 29 Jan - par Teraparaha. Commentaires : 0. Jeu 2 Juil - par Teraparaha. Nous avons 65 membres enregistrés L'utilisateur enregistré le plus récent est bamm Nos membres ont posté un total de messages dans sujets. Créer un forum gratuit Forum gratuit d'entraide.