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The groundbreaking UK-based Szapora is perhaps his best known project. A nine-piece multi-national Balkan music cooperative featuring Bosnian singing superstars Mirella and Tea Hodzic alongside well known British musicians Christian Garrick and Dylan Fowler with a legacy of three CDs and a worldwide reputation. His association with many of these Gypsy musicians has led him to highly regarded internationally as a promoter of Gypsy music and culture in the UK and beyond.

Dave is a member and the manager of Evan Christopher famed project : Django à la Créole. Andy Crowdy Well-known and highly rated bass player on the UK jazz scene, Andy has played with many leading performers from the UK, Europe and America, and is in constant demand. Andy has a love of many musical styles beyond jazz, leading him also to play rock, blues and folk music.

This has given him a huge breadth of musical experience, which he has shared in workshops all over the world, teaching groups and individuals with equal enthusiasm. Hailing from just outside Paris the Frenchman has joined forces with three excellent British musicians to form this exceptional quartet.

Violinist Christian Garrick is cast in the Stephane Grappelli role with Andy Crowdy on double bass and Dave Kelbie on rhythm guitar completing the line up.

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I saw this line up give an enthralling performance to a packed house at the intimate Wyeside Art Centre in Builth Wells recently. The arrangements are all by the quartet themselves and their imaginative interpretations help to keep the spirit of Django alive whilst at the same time appealing to contemporary audiences.

It was good to see such a wide range of ages enjoying the music at Builth-from children to pensioners. He is a dazzling guitarist with his lightning fast runs, breakneck rhythms and astonishing string bending. Garrick is a remarkable violinist seemingly at home in any genre of jazz from Grappelli to Jean Luc Ponty.

In the DeBarre Quartet he sticks to acoustic violin but he is more than happy to unleash the electric model in his own bands. Even here he throws in some modern pizzicato flourishes adding yet another dimension to this uniquely string driven format.

He never solos, leaving this to the sharply dressed DeBarre. But he is the backbone in other ways too, handling the announcements at concerts and manning the merchandise desk. Then there is his role as label boss and administrator of the Lejazzetal organisation. There is more bravura playing from the band as a whole with DeBarre and Garrick in particularly dazzling form. As in London so it was in Builth with the audience responding warmly to a well paced programme full of virtuoso musicianship.

As a result there are a lot of musicians playing in this style but few can do it with the skill and élan of the Angelo DeBarre Quartet. These guys are the real deal. The problem that you find with manouche style guitarists - that they play too quick and play alot of notes instead of articulating the discourse and allowing it to breath - is only found very little with AD, both in his playing and in the tempos he uses.

Speevy, in an ideal medium tempo, is the highlight of the disc but swing is at its best in a good of number of other pieces too: Limehouse Blues. Artillerie lourde, Impromptu and Féerie. On violin CG reveals himself to be a direct disciple of SG. Only one piece, Django's Tiger, seems inferior in this excellent collection.

He is also working on behalf of Angelo Debarre. Debarre very obviously sounds comfortable in the company of his English accompanists. The repertoire also shows how flexible and securely the musicians work together. Especially in the case of the formidable guitarist Angelo Debarre and his swashbuckling quartet.

Dave Kelbie and Andy Crowdy take a gentlemanly, self-effacing back seat, providing an unintrusive backing and the occasional solo that concisely says all it need to say. The ensemble passages delight, both Debarre and Garrick scrabbling around like two mice racing each other. Independent on Sunday "No other genre makes you laugh out loud with joy and delight like Gypsy jazz, whose guitarists' and fiddlers' unfeasibly flying fingers provoke astonished reactions of disbelief again and again, even though one soon takes impossible virtuosity as the norm.

Guitarist DeBarre is regarded by many as the best of his ilk, and this Hot Club de France-styled band, with star violinist Christian Garrick playing Grappelli to DeBarre's Django, provides the perfect holding form for the soloists' show-off runs and spurts.

Recorded at the titular London club last summer, this recording is authentically live and dangerous. As they are not a full time group there is no original music and hardly any rehearsing so these wonderful musicians find each other through standards.

Of the 13 titles we find three already recorded in a studio by this same band in She moved on where we stayed. Where we stayed? We are not travelling through time anymore.

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