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Cycling works gently. The rhythmic pedaling promotes the metabolism of the disc, the muscle structure stabilizes the spine, especially in the lumbar region.

This relieves tension early. Activates happiness hormones After 30 to 40 minutes of endurance sports such as cycling, the body releases endorphins and serotonin — quite naturally. Against the happiness hormones negative thoughts have no chance, they also make us more resistant to stress. Studies also showed that patients could reduce anxiety and depression when they exercising regularly. Builds Musculature From age 30, the muscles shrink — about one pound of muscle mass turns into fat per year due to age.

Regular cycling stops this development. Protects the joints Sitting — during the work and even at home. Exercise is often too short and this is bad for the joints.

Cycling is the ideal balance. The circular, regular leg movement optimally supplies the articular cartilage to the knee and hip with oxygen, thereby also protecting against osteoarthritis. And because the saddle carries 70 to 80 percent of the body weight, biking costs the knee joints significantly less than jogging. Train the coordination Whether sudden evasive maneuvers, changing speeds or slippery roads — again and again there are new situations in Central Park, to which we have to respond correctly and quickly.

The sense of balance also benefits. Choose Unlimited Biking We from Unlimited Biking have everything you need for a healthy bike tour full of fun. Why should you choose us? Come visit us in our 7 stores in Manhattan and discover New York City by bikes!

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Now you think that sounds great? We would be very happy to see you soon in one of our store locations. With new sights and attractions to see, the relentless pace alone is a rush like no other.

If the thought of these endless possibilities puts you in a tailspin, then look no further — our bike rentals are the answer. Unlike other forms of exercises that could be hard on your knees, cycling gets your heart pumping and your legs moving all without putting too much stress on your joints. Running, for instance, takes a toll on your body. Biking, though, is far less damaging. A bike rental in the Hudson River area is just a great way to see New York.

Embrace the rush of city-life from above by biking to the High Line to overlook the streets, head down to Chelsea Market and sample the delectable foods from fabulous shops, or be adventurous and head next door with your bike to hop on the ferry to New Jersey.

Even with a bike, the exploratory possibilities are endless. You could grab a bike and go at it on your own. Take your time, go at your own pace and stop wherever you see fit. Or join a group of friends and pick up bike rentals to travel along the Hudson River Greenway. You could bring along the kids for a bike ride, too! Just take the initiative to get on a bike and see where you end up. Training Program for Competition Train at least a week before your competition!

Training to be done during the week of preparation! Unlimited Biking Try Fitness Biking with us! During your visit you will be able to admire these different world-famous places: Book your guided bike tour of Central Park on our website: Click here!

Some additional information about Central Park: The park is totally artificial and was created on ancient swamps and rocks. The park was created in by Olmsted and Vaux, great American landscape gardener.

The creation of the park took about 20 years withworkers day and night. There are about 37 million visitors per year.

The park has 36 bridges. Création du parc en par Olmsted et Vaux, grand paysagiste américain. La création du parc a mis environ 20 ans avec travailleurs jours et nuit.

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Il y a environ 37 millions de visiteurs par an. Le parc compte 36 ponts. Good equipment is still essential: Wear a helmet as soon as you ride your bike!

In the event of a fall, the helmet can save your life! The skull is very sensitive and can be damaged in an accident or a fall. The skull must therefore be more than just protected. Avoid carrying a bag on your back while cycling. The backpack can destabilize you and make you fall.

It is therefore important to have a small bicycle bag or basket directly attached to your bike. Equip your bike with a bell or an alert system to warn other vehicles or pedestrians.

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Always be visible! Choose a superior quality bike! Check tires, brakes, bicycle chain, gears and suspensions. Check that the mechanics of your bike are in good condition. Be careful with vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, animals, etc…. Stay focused and obey the traffic regulations. En Français : Améliorer votre sécurité à vélo! Avoir un bon équipement reste indispensable: Portez un casque dès que vous êtes à vélo! Le crâne doit donc être plus que protéger.

Roulez avec votre cadenas et verrouillez votre vélo a un endroit fixe. Évitez de porter un sac sur votre dos pendant que vous êtes à vélo. Le sac à dos peut vous déstabiliser et vous faire chuter. Vérifiez que le vélo est bien équipé de lumières et ou de réflecteurs lorsque vous êtes à vélo la nuit. Soyez toujours visibles! Choisissez un vélo de qualité supérieure!

Vérifiez les pneus, freins, la chaîne du vélo, les engrenages et les suspensions. Vérifiez que la mécanique de votre vélo est en bonne état. Restez concentré et respectez le code de la route.

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