Ride on my pony lyrics

J'attends tout le temps. J'attends la nuit. J'attends le matin.

Paroles "Pony" - Timbaland

J'attends comme les femmes Attendent à leurs fils. Il sont déjà morts. Elles ne peuvent pas oublier. J'attends comme les chiens attendent.

Je n'attends pas pour rien. Une étude en rouge. Dans une nuit mauvaise et blanche. Après tout tout est petit e. Si vous regardez à distance. Jeune homme perdu Se promène comme une ombre.

Et tout se passe Comme vous le savez déjà. Et rien ne change jamais. J'attends comme les femmes. Attendent à leurs fils. Je attends plus rien. Oui j'attends. Non, je n'attends pas. Your a dog and I'm a cat.

On a hot tin roof. All you do is howl when I dance around. Papas's looking down. Mama's looking down. Little sister make a sound. Baby are you still around. Why does a bird fly to the left. Why does a bird fly to the left now. Why do the birds fly. Why won't the time pass. When life's a bore. And love's a drag. Where are you going when I' going down.

Your a man and I'm a girll. All you do is stare and I act like I don't care. I forgot you. Like you forget the breath of May. Now that it's cold outside. Though it never was my plan. I used to dream of you. And revenge. You treated me.

Ride on my pony lyrics

Like pair of gloves. When you got cold. You picked me up. And I swore. I would change me into something. That you would come back crawling. Like you were and old song. Way back then. Way you used to wave my heart. Way you used to tear apart.

Every word I said. Funny how life goes. Voice that used to shook me up. Away it flows. Once you were my only one. I don't know what you've become. Dream of you so it seems. Just became a bit too small for me. Once you were the only one.

Suddenly you've become. Just one of those. A Woman a dog and a walnut tree.

I can't take your eyes out of me. I'm swimming in the shadows. Fading to the darkness. A woman a dog and a walnut tree. Marathon mama and a sunday Pa'. Sucking down the garbage all day long. Brother in a paragraph. Sister in a coma. Dancing for a dollar. And a lemonade soda. Gravedigger Please Mr. Johnson Please Mr. Sun Please, Mrs. Por Qué No Pueden? Je Zegt 'T Maar! Si Ça Fait Mal ABBA S.

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