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Byrne Aperçu limité - Army U. Congress U. Naval U. It contains Mossadegh's legal and financial theses, articles, memoirs, letters and miscellaneous items. Also appearing in French are Mossadegh's theses and his first interview in with Renee Vieillard that was printed in Les Nouvelles, which was also translated into Farsi. Undertaken by Ali Jhonzadeh Published: Farsi, pages, black and white photos. A compilation of historical and related materials on Mossadegh in Farsi.

The book contains many black and white pictures and several poems about Mossadegh. Letters from Mohammad Mossadegh to Mr. A collection of letters written by Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh during the final decade of his life to his personal attorney, friend and confidante Nosratollah Amini. The handwritten letters are a rare glimpse into Dr. Mossadegh's state of mind while under house arrest in Ahmadabad.

In addition, the book contains several never before seen photos of Dr. Mossadegh and Mr.

Amini; and Amini's own personal recollection of how he met Mossadegh. It consists of Mossadegh's biography and related subjects; several favorable and unfavorable assessments of Mossadegh; and finally a list of books on Mossadegh and the Iranian National Movement. This Farsi language book contains the story and fate of twenty loyal compatriots of Dr.

They were the original guard and at the forefront of the Iranian politic for more than two years, today they are all deceased. The book contains black and white pictures of these individuals along with a brief mention of several other notable individuals who also lent support to Mossadegh and his policies.

Author: Ebrahim Homayounfar Published: Farsi, pages. Personal account of Ebrahim Homayounfar, an oil industry official who was initially appointed as a member of the Oil Commission in and later became the chief administrator of the oil region at the time of the departure of British personnel from Abadan.

He was removed from this job in but continued to work in the Iranian government.

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His last position was governorship of Isfahan province in Abbas Hoveyda's cabinet. In the same year he became one of the original founders of the Tudeh communist party shortly after his release from prison in a general amnesty.

He later broke off from Tudeh party and became their harsh critic because of Tudeh's support of international Communism and placing the interests of the Soviet Union ahead of the Iranian nation.

As a true believer of Democratic Socialism, he continued to be active and led the Socialist Movement in Iran until his death in The section on the text of Maleki's memoirs are pages. Maleki's memoirs were left incomplete due to his death at age The book also includes several documents such as correspondences between Maleki and Dr.

Mossadegh when the latter was under house arrest in Ahmadabad. This book presents Khalil Maleki as a tireless champion for social change, economic independence and territorial integrity of Iran. Khalil Maleki had great admiration for Dr. Mossadegh and what he was attempting to accomplish and addressed him as "The Great Father of Iranian Nation". Author: Dr. Nasrollah Shifteh, the editor in Chief of Bakhtar-e-Emrouz newspaper Published: Farsi, pages, black and white photos. Hossein Fatemi was Mossadegh's young Foreign Minister.

The Biography and Political Campaigns of Dr. Hossein Fatemi is authored by Dr. Nasrollah Shifteh, Fatemi's close journalist collaborator and friend in publication of Bakhtar-e-Emrouz newspaper from until "The Coup" in The book is based on the author's "sweet and bitter memories, personal notes and documents about Dr. Fatemi's political and journalistic activities until 28 Mordad, " August 19,