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Des rires et des bouffes entre amis, ça me suffit. On était aux anges! Quel choc! Et on a déménagé… à Alès! Elle rit de plus belle. Vous revenez nous voir de temps en temps? Je rends visite à mon père trois ou quatre fois par an. Il habite dans la campagne à une heure de Montpellier.

Il déteste les grandes villes. Et le lendemain, ben… On recommence! I mention it in my show. You only stayed there for 2 years. And we moved to…Alès! I went to secondary school there and obtained a vocational high school diploma in accounting that was of absolutely no use — thanks dad! No, I was already contemplating stand-up comedy. Do you come back and visit sometimes?

I visit my father 3 or 4 times a year. He lives in the countryside, an hour away from Montpellier. He hates big cities. When I come here I enjoy peace and nature. And I always go back with onion confit and honey. The ideal holiday… No need to go far to have a great time. A good laugh and a good meal among friends is all I need. With my friend Tina Arena we had meals that lasted 12 hours, starting with morning coffee and ending with bedtime herbal tea. And starting over the next day!

Propos recueillis par Clotilde Kancel. Je commence la journée en buvant un thé. Je profite de ce moment pour consulter les chiffres des ventes et mes mails, lire les infos et intervenir sur nos réseaux sociaux. Je commence par un point détaillé avec chacun de mes collaborateurs. Les débriefs sont importants car je suis souvent en déplacement. On traite des questions éditoriales pures, des priorités commerciales et contractuelles mais aussi de comptabilité et trésorerie. À Paris, la plupart du temps, je déjeune avec un auteur.

Les liens sont très étroits avec eux. Jean-Paul Didierlaurent par exemple est traduit et vendu dans 32 pays. Les soirées en déplacement sont consacrées aux rencontres en librairie ou aux mondanités. Je ne néglige pas les rencontres et les échanges avec les personnalités du monde littéraire. Je suis bien consciente du frein relationnel que représente notre implantation à Vauvert.

Je lis aussi bien des manuscrits reçus que des livres dans le cadre de ma participation à des commissions. Gare alors, à ceux qui le sous-estimeraient, le design ne se contente plus de faire-valoir.

Beyond colours and elitism there is a territory where creativity drives innovation, where logics is one step ahead of routine or when dreams surpass reality. That territory, which brings out changes around the world, is the territory of design.

Inspiring and inspired, it found in Montpellier a think tank and a fertile ground to reach a tentative but nevertheless bold breakthrough. It spreads from the cobblestone streets of La Grande Motte to RBC store shelves and the tram livery, with a watchful eye and accurate brushwork. Make no mistake — design has become much more than just a foil; a key driver of economic growth and strong identity for our region. Parviendra-t-il à faire reconnaître son mode de pensée -le design thinkingauprès des acteurs politiques, institutionnels et économiques?

Au départ, une collection de mobilier du quotidien by Oxyo. Ensuite, deux expositions photos by Maia Flore et Patrizia Mussa. Puis, une collection de vélo by Caminade… Les collaborations autour de la réinterprétation de la ville se succèdent.

Dernière en date, le très reconnu studio 5. Can it ever be viewed as more than a decorative element and embody the strategic key of a territorial and entrepreneurial marketing? Will political, institutional and economic players acknowledge design thinking? Initiated in by the Town Council, the eponymous brand LGM, the initials of the town, is very 70s — colourful, creative, fun — and comes height requirement for enchanted kingdom rides all shapes and sizes: key rings, pens, ready-to-wear, street and home furniture, etc.

This new label boasts unique creations, enhancing the town heritage and drawing attention on the original architectural forms of that seaside resort designed by Jean Balladur, a famous architect of the time. A new perspective Who would have thought, just 10 years ago, that this popular resort, a symbol of mass tourism, would update its image by broadening its views and adopting design thinking?

Design for all? Will such initiative be enough to convey the value of design in areas that seem to have nothing in common? If design and decoration are seamlessly connected, what about technology, tourism, digital media and education? A study released in by Montpellier Chamber of Commerce and Industry looked into the.

Qui aurait cru possible, il y a encore 10 ans, que cette station populaire, symbole du tourisme de masse, puisse renouveler son image, en élargissant son mode de pensée aux principes du design thinking? Du design pour tous? Là encore, le design thinking vient bouleverser les manières de concevoir et créer de la valeur. Il faut mettre en place des conditions de travail favorables.

Creative thinking The example of multinational companies such as Apple or Samsung is in line with what this business owner from Montpellier has to say. But if Apple and Samsung stand out it is because they realised before anyone else that in a world where services have overridden products, user experience and therefore design is a key aspect of corporate strategy, alongside innovation.

Again design thinking challenges. This is where management specific to design thinking comes in. Good working conditions are essential, as is the logic of co-creation. The working environment has to promote sociability among collaborators, which is why major web companies often have original premises not meant to look business-like, favouring a creative working environment, thinking outside the box, so that employees can use their imagination.

That way we can make the most of a key resource for innovation — creativity. Elles instaurent un univers de travail créatif, hors des sentiers battus, qui permet aux employés de laisser libre cours à leur imagination. Son nom renvoie à un message sans équivoque. Créer, aussi, par des ateliers et manifestations, de la proximité entre le design, les designers et leurs cibles.

Situé dans la zone du Millénaire, entre IBM et Cap Oméga, ce lieu est ouvert aux professionnels et à tous les publics. Il permet aux. Its purpose is to bring together VSEs and SMEs of metropolitan France, promote creation and innovation of local expertise and produce, and secure, by means of workshops and special events, a close relationship between design, designers and their targets.

This is in fact one of the task LabSud has set itself. Located in the Millénaire business district, between IBM and Cap Oméga business incubator, this fab lab is open to all, professionals or not. It helps project initiators develop prototypes and individuals can learn about 3D printers, laser engraving and cutting, electronics, etc. The main goal is to understand the benefits of design in terms of product or service development and also to provide advice on the best time to incorporate the appropriate design as part of the project and creation process.

For Thibault Desombre, its Chairman from to Septemberthe only way design will take off in the region is through a collaborative effort. Montpellier, futur leader design? On en est encore loin. Bonne nouvelle pour la filière design, qui devrait continuer, lentement mais sûrement, sa percée au sein de la Smart City de demain. Montpellier, a future design leader? We are still a long way. Even if somehow the architecture of the new districts and the care taken in designing infrastructures such as tram livery show a real enthusiasm.

But to dream up a prosperous design culture potentially able to reindustrialise our economy like Northern Italywe still have to raise awareness about the beneficial applications of design in the territory on the one side, and to draw on our quite rich start-up ecosystem on the other side. Current studies show that digital and health sectors are proving to be both great catalysts and customers of innovation combining technology with design. Ecrivains, peintres, chanteurs et autres artistes y avaient leurs habitudes.

Picasso et Johnny Hallyday, notamment, y ont séjourné. Redécouverte de ce lieu mythique. Located in the historic heart of Montpellier, Métropole hotel is part of the city heritage. It was bought out in by Oceania, hotel group owned by a Breton family, and completely refurbished before its re-opening. Many weddings, christenings and other ceremonies were celebrated. Built in the style of a French Riviera Palace, it preserved the timeless appeal of Haussmann architecture.

Until the early s it was the only 4-star hotel in the city, host to many writers, painters, singers and other artists, including Pi. In November2 years after the Branellec family, controlling Oceania Group 26 three- and four-star hotels in France bought it, they decided to close it down for 13 months for a major renovation, the purpose being to preserve its architectural integrity while providing comfortable modern.

Pari tenu! Les moulures ont été remises à jour, les granitos des sols décapés et ravivés, les parquets en point de Hongrie poncés et revernis. Les 96 chambres ont été entièrement repensées. Sous les toits, un espace fitness avec hammam et salon de massage, a été aménagé.

Quelques mois à peine après sa réouverture il décroche une toque au Gault et Millau. Et, bien sûr, en journée, le parking souterrain est accessible et gratuit. And they kept their promise — it is a true renaissance. Upgraded mouldings, the granito tiles stripped and renewed, and herringbone flooring sanded and refinished.

All 96 bedrooms were completely revamped. The inner garden was adorned with exotic plants. On the décor side, the understated, stylish furniture creates a unique harmony. New amenities include steam room, massage and gym. A nice reward for Chef Eric Guyomard and his cuisine made of fresh ingredients with a subtle Asian twist. Now boasting a dining room seating 90 and six meeting rooms, Métropole hotel is ideal to organise seminars in the heart of the city.

Reine Hélène lounge — after Queen Elena of Italy, who stayed in that hotel for 2 years — can accommodate over conference attendees, with an accessible, free underground car park.

Pour vous y aider, Airlife vous a préparé une sélection de fast-food healthy à consommer sans culpabilité, sur place, à emporter, ou à se faire livrer directement au bureau. Situé en plein centre historique, le bar à salades Romy Café propose des soupes onctueuses ou des Pokes Bowls dont ils ont le secret.

Sur place ou à emporter, vous pourrez vous régaler avec une généreuse salade de lentilles et terminer par le fameux cake moelleux à la pistache, le best-seller de la maison.

In the historic heart of Montpellier, Romy salad bar will delight you with their creamy soups or specialty Poke Bowls. You can also try one of their giant cookies. It will make your day! Want to eat healthy? You have come to the right place. Simple food to eat in or take away, such as a copious lentil salad or the house special — a tender pistachio cake. Des produits de qualité pour des recettes authentiques et originales. Not far from the train station and the future Nouveau Saint Roch district, Zooba reinterprets fast-food classics with a gourmet, healthy twist.

Authentic, original recipes using quality ingredients. Bread and fries are homemade and the Label rouge fresh meat comes from the Aubrac or Limousin region.

De 5 à 8 ans

Home cooking using seasonal fresh, partly organic ingredients. Quality meat and wild fish to eat in, or catering section where you can create your own take-away salad if you are in a hurry. Difficile de faire son choix entre les ceviche et les sushi à la sauce Ají Amarillo, typiquement péruvienne et délicieusement relevée. Discover Nikkei cuisine, unlikely combination of Japanese and Peruvian gastronomy, in Côté Sushi in Antigone district.

Un large choix de nigiri, sashimi et maki frais et préparés à la demande. À la carte, vous trouverez les classiques incontournables aux côté de créations plus originales telles que des pièces sucrées, comme le maki Nutella banane.

With 6 shops in Montpellier and around, you will always find a Lady Sushi nearby. Choose from a variety of fresh nigiri, sashimi and maki. The A la Carte menu includes classics and more daring options such as the chocolate spread and banana maki.

The ring-shaped bread famous in New York comes here in all sorts of combinations. Others US specialties such as soda or cheesecake are also available. Les menus sont validés par un nutritionniste. Soupes, bagels veggies et salades de boulgour sont joliment présentés et parfaitement agrémentés. La solution pour manger équilibré, en quantité et sans culpabilité. De quoi repartir le ventre plein et le corps sain!

Soups, veggie bagels, bulgur salads, everything has been approved by a nutritionist. The best way to preserve a balanced diet without starving!

La fermentation des vins blancs est généralement plus courte que celle des rouges, soit 10 à 12 jours au lieu de 15 à 30 jours. Avec quoi accorder au mieux votre vin blanc? Toutefois, pour les desserts chocolatés, veillez à sélectionner un vin blanc sucré type vendange tardive ou un effervescent. Enfin, comment reconnaître un bon vin blanc? Un élevage plus long lui confèrera une plus grande complexité. First of all, what is white wine? Fermentation is usually shorter than for red wine, i.

What food goes well with white wine? The freshness of white wine will always be appreciated during an apéritif; as a soft wine it is ideal with fish, poultry, spicy food, cheese and dessert.

For chocolate desserts however, make sure to choose a sweet white wine such as a late harvest or sparkling wine. Finally, how to choose the right white wine? The important thing is to find a balance between acidity, alcohol content and, potentially, sugar. When it contains too much alcohol and sugar, wine can be sickly, while high acidity can be aggressive.

Local wines are often identified as monovarietal wines Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Viognier.

They are generally characterised by the expression and freshness of the fruit and sold during the course of the year. PDO wine is mainly produced by blending different grape varieties Marsanne, Roussanne, Grenache white wine, Vermentino, etc.

Longer aging will give the wine more complexity. Sa bulle racée et vive, ses fins arômes de fleurs blanches et de fruits exotiques, vous étonneront. Il se mariera parfaitement avec vos repas à base de poissons, de viande blanches, ou encore à vos fromages et vos desserts chocolatés. Sa bouche gourmande et tendue à la fois en fait un compagnon idéal des sushis ou des plats épicés. La famille Fabre nous offre une cuvée, inspirée par le Viognier de Condrieu. Il sera idéal en apéritif, sur un foie gras, ou encore sur un comté affiné.

Racy and fresh, its subtle aromas of white flowers and exotic fruit will surprise you. A perfect wine with fish, white meat, cheese and chocolate desserts.

Its explosive nose is quite surprising with notes of white flowers, citrus and exotic fruit. Rich and taut, it is perfect with sushi or spicy food. The Fabre family presents a vintage inspired by Condrieu Viognier.


Its notes of candied citrus, vine peach and malt give it a pleasant freshness, with a hint of pre-served lemon and roasted almonds. Ideal as an aperitif, with foie gras or ripened Comté cheese. Dans les arêtes rocheuses du Minervois, une parcelle de vigne semble se décrocher du paysage. Cet amoureux du terroir Languedocien a su tirer profit de la géologie particulière de son domaine de 30 hectares alternant argile, calcaire, limon et marne. Ces variations permettent la production des cépages traditionnels régionaux : Le Minervois, le Chardonnay, le Viognier ou encore le Saint Chinian.

Cette consécration est due à sa patience. O à Paris. In the rocky ridges of the Minervois region, a plot of vines seems to protrude from the landscape. Welcome to the Do-maine Lou Colombier! We met Alain Clerbout, the estate owner. Little did Alain Clerbout, sales representative in the North of France, know that he would become a wine grower.

And yet in when he arrived in the Hérault department for family reasons, he fell instantly under the spell of the region vineyards. This lover of the Languedoc made the most of the unusual geology of his hectare estate, composed of calcareous clay, silty clay and marl. Such variations provide for the production of traditional types of grape from the area — Chardonnay, Viognier, Sauvignon from the Minervois and St Chinian areas.

Made from premium quality smoked cod roe from Iceland and truffle breakings, this recipe will surprise you with its peculiar truffle flavour.

Recently a local firm decided to make delicious flavoured versions of it such as pink grape, while preserving the traditional recipe. Peut-être ne le savez-vous pas, mais les grisettes sont les plus vieux bonbons de France.

They date back to the 12th century, where they could be found on the way to Santiago de Compostela. An icon for the city today, these little honey and liquorice balls are back in the spotlight, sure to delight old and young alike.

Comment résister à une pâte à tartiner masque anti ride eyeonanime kuroko Fabriquée en France, sans huile de palme ni OGM, cette pâte vous surprendra par la texture de ses éclats de sucre pétillants. Chaque bouchée est une sensation à part entière. Made in France, palm oil- and GMO-free, you will be surprised by the texture of its fizzy sugar fragments. It will give you a thrill with every mouthful! Anniversaires et évènements.

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