Pigmentation on tongue

B The tongue surface recovered after the patient came off iron supplementation.

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C Ferric pyrophosphate iron syrupwhich was originally reddish brown in color, turned black after addition to coffee, green tea or black tea. Black hairy tongue, also known as lingua villosa nigra, is characterized by the appearance of a black-colored tongue with elongated keratinized filiform papillae, which can result from a variety of causes. We report a case of glossal pigmentation similar to black hairy tongue, caused by uptake of iron and tannins. A year-old boy, who had been suffering from chronic granulomatous disease CGD for 8 years, presented with acute thoracic pain.

The patient had been treated with sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim [ Les applications.

European Journal of Dermatology

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Closer inspection demonstrated that the pigmentation was limited to the tips of the papillae. No abnormalities of the buccal mucosa or lips were observed. The results of the rest of the patient's physi-cal examination were unremarkable. Her family history was significant for similar findings of long standing in her mother; no other family members were known to be affected.

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The patient was otherwise healthy. A biopsy specimen was obtained Figure 2 and Figure 3. Arch Dermatol. All Rights Reserved.

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Pigmentation on tongue

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