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Nutritious snacks will be provided. Un rôle parental positif et du soutien pour les soins et le développement des enfants et des jeunes contribuent à la santé et au bien être des familles et des collectivités. Service de garde avant et après l'école Âge : 3,8 à 12 ans Date : du lundi au vendredi année scolaire Soin du visage brignais 69 : Ouverture à compter de 7 h. Appelez au p. Téléphonez auposte If you would like to connect with your Military community and let your child have fun learning new activities and socializing with their peers, come in and see us.

Alors, passez nous voir. Ages: yrs. Meet other parents, interact with the children and get helpful parenting advice and resources. Be a part of circle time and enjoy a healthy snack provided! Détails: kmfrc.

Une collation santé sera offerte. An inclusive space for francophone military families and their children under 6 to gather, make connections, and engage with others from the community in their native language. Un endroit exclusif pour les familles de militaires francophones et leurs enfants de moins de 6 ans, pour faire des connections et rencontrer d'autres membres de leur communauté dans leur langue native. Activities for you and your baby to learn and grow together.

Visit www. Pour obtenir des mises à jour et de plus amples renseignements, visiter www. FaLL On behalf of the Military Families who have benefitted from your kind donations, the KMFRC staff and Board of Directors would like to offer you a very heartfelt thank you for your generosity.

Shimano Canada Ltd. Appelez-nous pour obtenir un pret preapprouvé avant votre voyage de recherche de maison. At Mortgage Forces, we pride ourselves in supporting military and DND by providing mortgage services. We promise to make this exciting and busy time go as smoothly as possible for you. Chez Mortgage Forces, nous sommes fiers de soutenir les militaires et le MDN en offrant des services hypothécaires. Nous vous faciliterons la vie au cours de cette période stimulante et pleine de défis.

We provide a variety of programs both at the KMFRC and within local schools designed to give our youth the skills they need to cope with the unique lifestyle of being a military child.

Ils visent à enseigner à nos jeunes des techniques qui leur permettront de composer avec les défis uniques qui se posent aux enfants de militaires. We encourage you to contact us with your questions or if you need help finding support for your family. There are resource links on our website as well as staff who can direct you to services in the Kingston Community.

No Parent Left Behind Join a facilitated support group for parents prenatal to 2 years of age who are experiencing difficulty with postpartum adjustment. Parents can connect with other parents, share their experiences in a safe environment, and learn coping strategies.

Trained staff provides childcare onsite for babies over 4 months. The Program is offered in English, however French resources will be available and a francophone facilitator is present for the program.

Nous vous encourageons à communiquer avec nous pour poser vos questions ou si vous avez de la difficulté à trouver du soutien pour votre famille. Sur notre site web, vous trouverez des liens vers des ressources ainsi que du personnel qui peut vous aiguiller vers les services de la communauté de Kingston. Du personnel formé offre un service de garde sur place pour les bébés de plus de 4 mois. Le programme se donne en anglais, toutefois des ressources en français serontoffertes et un animateur francophone est présent pour le programme.

Veuillez communiquer Service de garde, des enfants avec Karen Norman, coordonnatrice du développement des enfants et des jeunes auposte The KMFRC can support you during short-term crisis until you are able to make longer-term child care arrangements.

If Emergency Childcare becomes necessary between hrs. For afterhours care after hrs. Le CRFMK peut vous dépanner à court terme en attendant que vous puissiez vous procurer un service de garde à long terme.

If you have an individual with special needs in your family and would like assistance with navigating community resources, respite care, funding options, inclusive recreational programs and camps, visual aids, or any other needed support, please contact the Special Needs Inclusion Team, Samantha Coulter and Leigh Wood Landry, at ext If you have a family member with special needs who might benefit from this relaxing experience, please contact the Special Needs Inclusion Team to receive an orientation before your first booking.

Salle sensorielle On retrouve dans cette salle calme et thérapeutique des lumières tamisées, de la douce musique, des jeux de lumières interactives, une machine à bulles et des objets texturés utilisés pour stimuler les sens. Please join us for a fun-filled morning of activities for the entire family to enjoy in an inclusive environment. The Special Needs Playgroup offers a great opportunity to build friendships, give support and connect with other families who may be facing similar challenges of raising a child with special needs.

Due to varying dietary restrictions, we ask that families provide their own snack. Please ensure your snack is peanut and tree nut safe. The purpose of this program is to maintain an inventory of commonly-used assistive devices that can be temporarily loaned to families until their child's prescribed items arrive at their school.

This prevents long wait times, and helps set students up for success. Programming areas include but are not limited to : Mental health, art, drama, career, cooking, leadership, physical activities, healthy relationships, and other life skills.

Future events will include; Jewelry making, improv activities and other workshops based on youth suggestions! Do you love science and technology? Like working with friends to complete cool projects? Want to build a Lego Mindstorm robot to compete in a competition in Kingston? Then you need to register for Lego League!

Spaces are limited. Le groupe de jeu pour personnes ayant des besoins spéciaux offre la possibilité de tisser des liens et de nouer des amitiés avec des familles qui se trouvent dans une situation semblable. Les collations ne sont pas fournies étant donné les diverses restrictions alimentaires. Nous demandons aux familles de fournir leur propre collation sans arachides et sans noix. Associated increased risk factors for CF members may heighten family concerns and anxieties. Therefore, we offer services and programs to support families during these separation periods.

We are seeking further input on what your unique needs are and how we can address them. The Military Family Support Services Coordinator can provide support for children, parents and spouses of the deployed during the deployment cycle. Or need help creating one. The FCP is not a legally binding contract, but rather an exchange of information between your family and the Commanding Officer.

Coordonnatrice des services de soutien aux familles des militaires peut apporter un soutien aux enfants, parents et conjoints du membre déployé pendant le cycle de déploiement. We encourage your family to work together to create your individual FCP and update it regularly. Nous encourageons votre famille à travailler ensemble à la création de votre PGF et à le mettre à jour régulièrement.

What is the Family networks Fn?

Qu'est-ce que le réseau de familles? Le Réseau de familles est un programme du CRFM canadien que le CRFMK met en oeuvre comme moyen de se connecter avec les militaires et leurs familles, afin de les aider à affronter les défis liés aux déploiements et séparations. Who is involved in the Fn? Together, the Unit Rep, Family Rep and KMFRC help families to successfully deal with deployment and separation, while also reinforcing overall resiliency in navigating the military lifestyle.

Qui est impliqué dans le rF? Le RF est composé d'un représentant de liaison de l'unité et un représentant bénévole de la famille, qui, en collaboration avec le CRFMK, offrent des activités sociales, d'informations, de prise de soins, de réseautages, et de renforcement de moral.

Ensemble, le représentant de l'unité, le représentant de la famille et le CRFMK aident les familles à faire face avec succès au déploiement et à la séparation, tout en renforçant la résilience globale à naviguer dans le mode de vie militaire.

Both the Unit and Family Reps serve as a direct link between military members, their families, and the KMFRC, so that we are more accessible and better able to serve your needs.

Together we help to prepare members and families for deployments, provide family support during separation, and aid in adjusting to the challenges upon reunion. We also welcome and mentor families who are new to the military lifestyle, and coordinate social events.

À la fois l'unité et les représentants de la famille servent de lien direct entre les militaires, leurs familles et le CRFMK, de sorte que nous sommes plus accessibles et mieux en mesure de servir vos besoins.

Ensemble, nous aidons à préparer les membres et les familles pour les déploiements, fournissons un soutien familial au cours de la séparation, et l'aide à s'adapter aux défi s au moment des retrouvailles. Nous souhaitons également la bienvenue et offrons du mentorat aux familles qui sont nouvelles au style de vie militaire et coordonnons des événements sociaux.

If you would like to know more information about the Family Networks, please contact: local kmfrc forces. Si vous aimeriez avoir davantage de renseignements sur le Réseau de familles, veuillez communiquer avec : poste kmfrc forces. Counselling The demands of military life can have a profound impact on families.

To help soften the impact, the KMFRC promotes resilience and coping skills so families, couples, and individuals can access timely and confidential counselling with qualified professionals. The KMFRC provides onsite counselling and referrals to partner agencies, who offer additional specialized support services.

These services are provided by appointment, at no cost to the families. These emergencies may be related to child care, deployment, mental health needs, and transitions.

Counsellors at the KMFRC help you assess your situation and support you in developing a plan of action. Please see our website for upcoming events. We also offer information and referrals on an as needed basis by phone, drop in, and by appointment. Ces services sont offerts gratuitement aux familles, sur rendez vous. Éducation et prévention Nous offrons divers ateliers et programmes pour les familles des militaires.

Veuillez visiter notre site Web pour en savoir plus sur les activités à venir. Nous offrons également des renseignements et des renvois, au besoin, par téléphone, sur rendez vous ou en personne.

Vous pouvez renforcer votre résilience en acquérant des compétences pour composer avec le changement et surmonter les défis qui se posent à vous. The FOCUS family model also available to single parents is eight sessions and the couples model is 5 sessions. FOCUS is available at no cost to the family and is available by appointment.

We provide all of our services, including transitional support and advocacy, with a special focus and understanding for families of the ill, injured, and Fallen. The FLO can be reached at x Le modèle de famille FOCUS aussi offert aux parents uniques comprend huit séances, le modèle de couple en comprend cinq. FOCUS est offert gratuitement aux familles, sur rendez vous. Tous nos services, y compris le soutien administratif et la défense des droits pendant la transition, sont assurés en toute connaissance de la situation des familles des militaires malades, blessés ou décédés.

For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, please contact us through our bilingual intake line at x Pour en savoir davantage sur nos services ou pour prendre rendez vous, Veuillez communiquer avec nous par notre ligne de réception bilingue auposte Horaire sans rendez-vous en santé mentale Jeudi, de 9 h à 11 h. Sans rendez-vous ou appelez au poste pour réserver. Call the Veterans Affairs Canada Assistance Service for up to 20 sessions of counselling at no cost: The Veteran Family Program VFP provides services and resources to help ease the transition from military to civilian life and support the health and wellbeing of families during transition.

To achieve this, the VFP provides enhanced information and referral services and transition focused core programming. This service also includes their families, to ensure that the supports are in place and available to support their transition from military to civilian life.

Le Programme pour les familles des vétérans PFV offre des services et des ressources pour faciliter la transition entre la vie militaire et la vie civile et pour appuyer la santé et le bien-être des familles pendant la transition. Visit the Kingston website www.

Visitez le site Web de Kingston www. Three health professionals to visit before heading back to school Did you know that around 25 per cent of school-age children have vision problems? And that at least 50 per cent of children ages 6 to 11 have already had a cavity? Or that a poorly healed ear infection can cause temporary, or even permanent, hearing loss? The optometrist Kids should see an optometrist at least once a year after starting kindergarten.

An eye test can determine whether your child has vision problems such as nearsightedness, astigmatism, farsightedness or other issues that could affect learning. The dentist Dentists can treat problems like cavities, but most importantly, they help prevent them.

Regular cleanings and check-ups will keep your kids free of any painful oral health issues that could affect their concentration, appetite and grades. Immunization is the best way to protect your children and their classmates from many severe illnesses.

The audiologist Will your child hear the teacher clearly? Only an audiologist can answer that question. Even the slightest hearing impairment can cause your child to fall behind or fail at school. But how can you buy fashionable clothes without breaking the bank, all while avoiding nightmarish shopping trips? Here are a few clever tips and tricks! Set aside items that no longer fit or have fallen out of favour and make a list of what you need to buy. Together, have fun browsing and finding items that they like and that fit your criteria price, maintenance, comfort, durability, etc.

New clothes can help your child start the new school year off on the right foot. Four tips to survive school supply shopping Is the annual back-toschool shopping spree making you dizzy?

Here are four tips and tricks to help you shop hassle-free: 1. List all the supplies you already have at home. Are there any leftover binders, stacks of looseleaf, lunchboxes or pencil cases that could be reused? Stick to the list and only buy the basics. There will always be time to surprise your child or buy extra supplies on sale once the school year has begun. But be careful: buy from reputable vendors and read the refund and return policies carefully.

Happy shopping! Fall Term: T September 10th - December 17th 13 weeks Register online anytime or in person Nelson St weekdays pm Check out our website for more details! To help yourself weather the storm, be a good role model and try to also follow the rules you set. Good luck! Classes available for all age groups and skill levels! Classes disponibles pour tous les groupes d'âge et niveaux de compétence! For details on class schedule, registration and semester fees contact: Pour plus de détails sur I'horaire des cours, I'inscription et les frais de semestre contactez: Karate: Maxime.

Trahan forces. Lachance forces. The organization is deeply community based, with a long history of offering instruction in piping, drumming and dancing. The pipe band was established in with the dancers forming inand as one of only a few permanently integrated band and dancer groups in Canada, Rob Roy performs in many engagements parades, community events, competitions throughout Canada, the United States, and even in Scotland.

Rob Roy also competes in pipe band competitions at the Grade 5 and Grade 3 level. Oftentimes, the band also competes at the world pipe band championships in Scotland. Many of our. Lessons with Rob Roy are a great way for all age groups to get active, make friends and learn more about the Scottish arts! Furthermore, we have classes for all skill levels — elliptique amaigrissement longueuil to advanced - with all lessons being taught by experienced and qualified instructors.

Members of the military and their families have competed with our competition bands, joined our dance group and taken lessons with us at all levels. Smart tips for school bus safety Do your children ride the bus to school? If you drop something, do not pick it up. Scouts is the start of something great. It starts with Scouts. We are your family Ford store in Gananoque. Commodités des installations : 3 Piscine, Spa, sauna 3 Salles de cardio et de musculation 3 Terrains multisports. Base Gym members receive a discount.

You may also register at the front desk during operating hours. Coût du programme : Le coût pour les membres et les non-membres se trouve sous chaque programme. Les membres du gym de la base reçoivent. Cancellations: All classes are subject to cancellation if there are insufficient registrants 1 week prior. If we cancel a course, you are entitled to a full refund or you may transfer to liposuccion ventre apres operation program, space permitting.

Cancelled classes due to weather conditions, facility issues etc. Full refunds for medical, or military related reasons military members only will be authorized prior to program start date, after the start date refunds will be prorated.

All other full refund requests must be received 5 business days prior to the start of the program, after the start date refunds will be prorated. If program advertises a required non-refundable deposit, no refund will be issued for the deposit. In the case of a dispute, refund decision will be made by local Manager, Community Recreation at Local Si nous annulons un cours, vous aurez droit à un remboursement complet, ou vous pourrez transférer le montant facturé à un autre programme où il reste des places.

Les cours annulés en raison des conditions météorologiques, de problèmes concernant les installations ou autres, durant le programme, seront repris à la fin de la session ou remboursés au prorata. Le remboursement complet pour des raisons de santé ou des impératifs militaires personnel militaire seulement est autorisé avant la date de début du programme, après quoi les remboursements seront au pro rata. Renforcer les cheveux italienne homme les autres demandes de remboursement complet doivent être reçues 5 jours ouvrables avant le début du programme, après quoi les remboursements seront au pro rata.

Aucun remboursement ne sera accordé une fois la première moitié du programme écoulée. Si un dépôt non remboursable est exigé pour un programme, ce dépôt ne sera pas remboursé.

En cas de différend concernant un remboursement, la directrice des loisirs communautaireposte tranchera. McNeil rmc. Maille forces. Nancy cfmws. For further www. Book a Pool Party! Réservez une fête de la piscine! For more information about our Aquatic Programs and Services, visit: Pour plus d'informations sur nos programmes et services aquatiques, visitez : www.

Info: www. Become a Life Guard or Swim Instructor. Apprenez des compétences importantes et préparez-vous à un futur emploi dans les sports aquatiques. Devenez un gardien de la vie ou un instructeur de natation. Requirements: On-line training prior to course. Date Excellent preparation for success in Bronze Medallion.

Participants Mondays develop problem-solving and decision-making skills individually and in partners. Candidates learn CPR and develop the lifesaving skills 24 Sep needed to be their own lifeguard. Includes: m timed swim. Designed for lifesavers who want the challenge.

Complete both these Lifesaving certifications in a fast-track approach. Be ready to work hard to succeed with confidence and open up future opportunities with this combination course.

Already have these qualifications? Email your cover letter and resume to: KingstonRecruiting cfmws. For more information or to register for Advanced Courses: www. Automne Apprenez des compétences importantes et préparez-vous à un futur emploi dans les sports aquatiques. Excellente préparation pour réussir dans le cours Médaille de bronze. Les participants développent des compétences en résolution de problèmes et en prise de décisions individuellement et en partenariat.

Les candidates apprennent les principes de la réanimation cardiopulmonaire RCP et développement des compétences de sauvetage nécessaires pour devenir leur propre sauveteur. Comprend la nage chronométrée de m. La préparation en vue de sauvetages difficiles y compris des victimes de différents types.

Avez-vous ces qualifications? Envoyez votre CV à : KingstonRecruiting cfmws. Pour info ou pour vous inscrire aux cours avancés : www. At Kingston Mazda we are proud to support our Military. Place chicken in a casserole. Add water, wine, carrots, onion, parsley, thyme and salt. Bring to a boil, skim and let boil gently for about 40 minutes with casserole covered.

Strain the stock and save. Skin and bone the chicken when cold. Cut the meat in slices. Melt 45 ml 3 tbsp butter in a saucepan. Add the flour and stir. Add in turns ml 3 cups stock. Add the cream and heat for about 5 minutes. Stir in the Parmesan cheese, but save some for the top. Melt the rest of the butter in a frying pan and brown the mushrooms lightly. Bring 2 qts.

Memoirs of Gordie Bannerman

Add the ribbon macaroni and boil until just soft, but no more. Wash the macaroni and drain. Mix mushrooms and macaroni and place at the bottom of a large ovenproof dish. Put the chicken on top.

Pour on the sauce. Sprinkle with the remaining cheese. Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes. Recipe and photo: Cooking with cheese, Delair Publishing Company. Pre-School Dance is an introductory dance program where the participants develop their sense of musicality and rhythm for a variety of dance styles. Throughout the session, the participants will use age appropriate equipment to develop their kicking, passing, ball handling and running skills at their own pace.

Participants will use age-appropriate equipment to develop batting, throwing, catching and running skills at their own pace. With different variations, dodgeball is a fun and active sport that gives children of all ages the opportunity to increase their hand-eye coordination, teamwork and knowledge of fair play. Throughout the session, the participants will use age-appropriate equipment to develop their stick handling, shooting and defensive skills at their own pace.

Participants will cellulite dna 2013 age-appropriate equipment to learn and develop basic skills for a variety of introductory dance styles. Throughout the session, the participants will use age appropriate equipment to develop their drippling, passing, catching and running skills at their own pace. Introduces children to the sport of squash. Throughout the session, the participants will use age appropriate equipment to develop their hitting, passing, defensive and offensive skills at their own pace.

Cette programme initie les enfants au squash dans un environnement sûr et amusant. Youth Soccer Saturdays 15 Sep Nov - Dome Throughout the session, the participants will use age appropriate equipment to develop their kicking, passing, ball handling and running skills at their own pace.

Yes We Can — Get Active! Promotes healthy active living for children with special needs. Throughout the session, the participants will develop their communication, self-expression and social skills.

The participants will use adaptive equipment to develop new skills and abilities at their own pace while playing a variety of games and activities. Le programme bougez-vous! Our gym orientation for youth is a scheduled, small group 90 minute session with a personal trainer that includes: a brief tour of the facility, an explanation on how to use the weight room and cardio machines, and a way for us to confirm your understanding of: gym rules and regulations and safe gym practices.

Our gym orientation for adults is a one-on-one session with a personal trainer. Adults wishing to schedule a Gym Orientation can do so by contacting the personal trainer of their choice directly and setting up an appointment at their convenience.

Register for one of our free gym orientations so that you can get the most out of your time at the gym. Contact one of our Trainers today! L'orientation du gymnase est un rendez-vous individuel avec un entraîneur ou une entraîneuse. Inscrivez-vous pour une orientation gratuite pour obtenir le plus de bénéfices pour votre visite au gymnase.

Restez fonctionnelle et gardez-vous en forme en participant à ce cours de minutes. Pour les femmes seulement. Stay functional and get fit fast in this 30 minute fast fitness class. Only for females. Simple equipment, good movements, great class. Participer gratuitement! Enjoy this 30minute action-packed water exercise class that has more benefits than land training.

Meet your cardiovascular and muscular needs in under an hour. Free with membership 3 months! Gratuit avec une inscription 3 mois! You can continue to enjoy yoga during health related limitations, balance issues or during injury and recovery.

This gentle form of yoga is practiced sitting on a chair and standing using a chair for support. Cette forme douce de yoga est pratiquée assis sur une chaise et debout en utilisant une chaise pour le soutien.

Learn how these lightweight, inexpensive tools can improve your mobility and health, from a seated position. Participate for free! Every squat, every lunge is driven by the music, helping you make it to that very last rep, and maybe even five more.

This is better than Boot Camp. Tous les squats et les fentes sont dirigés par la musique pour vous aider à terminer votre dernière répétition et peut-être même en faire plus. Cet entraînement est meilleur que le bootcamp!

Enjoy the smooth way the poses run together to explore your balance and flexibility as breath unites with these movements in a fluid journey. Learn the basics of bellydance; the movements, isolations and style as you combine regime et exercices pour maigrir into a fun, fully choreographed dance.

Apprenez les rudiments de la danse du ventre avec les mouvements, les isolations et le style que vous combinerez à une danse chorégraphiée. This dynamic and entertaining twist on traditional bellydance has all the same benefits. Be ready to explore and create. Cette version dynamique et divertissante de la danse du ventre traditionnelle vous offre les même bénéfices.

Soyez prêts à explorer et à être créatifs. This energizing work-out will have you kicking and punching your way to better health. Build stamina and burn calories as you build lean muscle in this fun and challenging class. The perfect yoga class combining Power poses to challenge and Restorative postures that focus on healing.

Each class ends with a mantra. Ce cours combine des postures athlétiques et des postures qui sont centrées sur la réhabilitation. Chaque cours se terminera avec un mantra.

Dancing is good for your new regime lyrics safe, your brain and your body. From ballet to hip hop to jazz to funk, you will experience a whole-body workout that is actually fun. Friday night fun is back. Bring your BFF. Préparez-vous à frapper la piste de danse. Danser est bon pour votre cour, votre cerveau et votre corps.

Le plaisir du vendredi soir est de retour. Apportez votre meilleure amie! Souhaitez-vous recevoir La vie en Garnison directement à votre porte? New Year, New nouvelle image! Nouvelle année, a difference driven to make faire Community nauté pour Axé sur la commu une différence.

Discovering Fort Henry Mary White. Register now and try something new! Everyone welcome. Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant et essayez quelque chose de nouveau! Guardsman insurance has been working with the Military since We have special discounts on Home and Auto Insurance for members of the Canadian Military and Civilian Staff.

Cost of this day trip includes transportation, admission to the park and an all you can eat lunch at the Courtyard. Come check out our new glow in the dark synthetic bowling lanes during our open house on September 12, from am to pm. Enfants de moins de 12 ans gratuits. Garrison Lanes is the only fully 5 Pin bowling alley in Kingston.

Diverses ligues y jouent : ligue des aînés, ligue féminine, ligues masculines, ligues mixtes, ligue paralympique et ligue des jeunes. Unit functions and sports days Corporate events Private parties Retirement parties Birthday parties.

Janvier à Juin: Samedi: 2hr30 à 14hr30,15hr00 à 17hr00 Dimanchehr30 à 14hr30,15hr00 à 17hr00 Septembre à Décembre: Samedihr30 à 14hr30,15hr00 à 17hr00 Dimanchehr30 à 14hr30,15hr00 à 17hr00 CFB Kingston offers great locations for all your functions… Vous planifiez un événement? Une aire plus étendue avec vue sur l'eau pouvant accueillir environ personnes. According to the U. Canadians, too, are dining out more often. A Dalhousie University survey found that nearly 42 percent of Canadians either buy ready-to-eat meals or dine at a restaurant once or twice a week, while another 3 percent admitted to doing so on a daily basis.

Dining out puts customers in direct contact with the people who make restaurants run like clockwork — most notably, food servers.

While big tips are a great way for diners to express their gratitude to their servers, there are other ways to show thanks. Make a reservation and arrive on time. When a reservation has been made, make sure all members of the dining party arrive on time.

A punctual arrival helps the restaurant run more smoothly, especially if it is a large party. If you will be running late, call the restaurant and notify them. Let needs be known early on. If you prefer to lounge, ask to be seated in an out-of-the way spot. Do not call the server over if you need to continue perusing the menu.

Be courteous to the server and fellow customers. In addition, allow servers to mention the specials before ordering. Alert staff to food allergies when ordering so that the kitchen can be notified that a special order will be coming in. This enables everyone to be prepared and reduces the risk of someone getting sick. If something is not right with the meal, mention it early so it can be remedied. Do not eat an entire meal before filing a complaint with the server.

Recognize that servers have nothing to do with the wait time for a table. Clean up after yourself and children. If your party makes a big mess or a child gets sick or spills something, make an effort to clean up the table. Only steps to all downtown attractions, the Iron Duke proudly serves delicious, fresh, local food in a warm and welcoming environment.

Canadian Special Operations Regiment

Une atmosphère conviviale et une ambiance accueillante. Consider the bigger picture when deciding what to leave as a tip. Servers have no control over the quality of the food, wait times or even the atmosphere. Take up issues with the management and make sure the tip reflects the job done by the server. Restaurants require a lot of moving parts working together to make service efficient.

Customers can do their part by being courteous and respectful toward the staff. Supervisors will learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of addiction and, through practice, apply the DND policies around alcohol, other drugs, gambling and gaming. The workshop is intended to promote Suggested recertifi cation every 2 years. The purpose of MFSA is to prepare personnel in supervisor roles to and to empower CAF members to a injuries standincluding againstdeliberate harm- selfpromote mental fitness and to lessen the incidence of mentaltake health harm and suicide, within the military community.

This workshop early suicide intervention model. This program isfamilies. This workshop, facilitated by local Subject Matter Experts in the field of Health Promotion, Physiotherapy and Fitness, provides a practical component for participants to apply a variety of injuryreducing strategies for both their personal fitness and Unit PT.

Discover why more people may be risking injury when they are exercising and learn a few simple strategies you can implement to help prevent injuries. Butt Out can help!

Begin your journey to a tobacco free lifestyle. Stress: Take Charge! Through selfawareness, behaviour change and skill building, participants will examine stress within their lives and on the individual, the unit and thetechniques CAF and strategies will learn about the stress response.

Managing Angry Moments MAM MAM is an interactive program designed to help increase personal performance by identifying successful coping strategies in anger—generating situations and provide opportunities to learn and practice new skills.

I was on my way to Scotland, the birthplace of my parents. Train to London, then using the underground system to get across London, then a train to Aberdeen, arriving in the mid morning after a night's travel.

What a thrill for me to finally meet real blood relatives. My mother had said goodbye to Grandma and Grandad only 22 years before as Mum and Dad left for Canada injust at the end of WWI, the war to end all wars, and here was their second oldest grandson back overseas to fight another war.

I was to have many more trips to Scotland in the next two years, but I suppose non so memorable as meeting all my blood relatives for the first time. Back in Aldershot we were very smart and soon we believed it. Our gun drill, foot drill, and walking out dress and general deportment was truly like a bunch of young strutting peacocks. Our average age was about 22 years old and most of us had never been so far away from home in our lives. Our guns were brand new 25 pounders complete with ammunition limbers and a Ford or Chev quad to pull it.

The Quad was in effect the gun tractor and was a closed in vehicle that pulled the gun and trailer and seated the crew inside. The 1 was the gun sergeant and his position in travel was standing up through an open hatch exposed to the weather, not an enviable job on a rainy day, but yabiladi soin visage institut spot sought after by the crew when it was a nice day and they could look into the second story windows of the houses along the way.

We only had the guns for a short period of time when the 24 th gun in the regiment turned a corner too fast and overturned causing, a near court-martial for the Sergeant. This was a great honour as we represented the whole division. An honour normally that would have gone to an infantry unit. This was May 24,and I had just returned from a leave to Scotland in time to borrow enough blancoed web equipment to wear on the parade.

The actual march past went absolutely flawless, then the moment when their Majesties reviewed us, I was in the front rank and they passed along very close to us. The Queen stopped in front of me, but did not speak to me. I was going to wink at her, but did not have enough nerve to do so.

They moved along until the end of our file, and here Her Majesty stopped and spoke to Peut on reparer des cheveux tres abimes meches. Jack Parr and Sid Robertson.

This resulted in some photos which were used in war bond drives. In fact I saw this same photo about twenty years ago on a Remembrance issue. England,was a year few of us in the regiment will ever forget. It brought so many changes in personnel and the high degree of training we were subjected to.

It was out of this area that we operated until August, but we did many things in the interim. Sennybridge in Wales was 5eme regiment de dragons an experience. Here in the Brecon hills we had live ammunition shoots. Some excellent and of course others needed more help. Here our observation officers had a good grounding observing the fall of shot as the area had so many false crests confusing even the best as it turned out when we went into action in January This training in the hills and valleys of Wales was a great benefit.

Also Sennybridge firing ranges were under the control of the British who were going to get their roads built by anyone using the range. So all personnel were taken up into the hills and a British sergeant would step off so many paces and each man would have to excavate the grass and top soil down to the hard pan and carry this soil to the roadside.

The first day, amidst quite a lot of grumbling, we dug and moved earth all day and it snowed a great deal. But we did it even though it took us all day. Drying out was important as we were back up on the hill the next day. Well Sid Robertson, a gun sergeant in E troop, said if we all work together we should dig the allotted amount in no time at all. Spirits were good and we went at the digging like crazy. How the earth just seemed to fly to the roadside.

So about p. Well that is not the way it is done in jolly old England. The camp commandant, a British Colonel, was furious that we had the audacity to return early in the day.

Damn our ingenuity! It would be back in the hills tomorrow and not return until the proper quitting time according to the Brits. The next day we were told that no paces would be stepped off, just get your shovels and dig and dig until the until the correct quitting time.

We were not going to take this lying down. We dug much slower giving the Brits fits. So here we were out all day and not as much accomplished. Again the camp commandant was furious, and our Colonel had a hard talk to us. Regardless, the Brits got their road dug and we did it our way.

But our regiment did score high on the firing range which the Brits had to admit was excellent. After a couple of weeks at Sennybridge, Wales we were told to clean all guns and equipment so they would be spotless. Well the mud of the hills of Wales was indeed the gumbo variety, stuck to everything. What a job it was to really clan them properly. On my crew I had some good thinkers, and the easy way must be the better way. Stan Gillespie and Gordie Matheson suggested we take the wheels off our gun and ammunition limber, thereby we could really get a good cleaning job.

Well we were feeling pretty good with the Colonel's kind comments. Those wheels will fall off before we are fifteen miles down the road and I will check up on you all the way. The upshot was Stan and Gord and the other members said Sgt. Major Greenlay kept passing us more than once, mounted on a motor bike, checking on our wheels, also giving me the sign get up through the hatch into the driving rain. I must admit he went to a lot of trouble to prove a stupid point as the wheels stayed on.

Thank goodness, as he would have liked to court-martial me if it could have been brought about. But remember, the Colonel was on my crew's side and Major Greenlay was not our major, but the 60 th Battery Major. We all arrived back in Aldershot none the worse after digging roads and getting muddy in Wales. The winter and summer of were a steady diet of training and somewhere along here in the early part on I wrote an exam, as I had been selected as a candidate to become an officer.

I did not pass the mathematics part of the exam, but I rated quite high that I could have gone for an infantry or service corps commission. Our battery major Boulter said it is up to you whether you make that choice. He then added, but we artillery officers lead a better life and you will get your chance again. Oh yes I was disappointed, but what the heck life must go on.

I did write the officer exam once again and failed the math again. I stayed from day one with the unit until it disbanded. I have often thought it was my poor penmanship that caused the problem. The regiment went from training areas and schemes all over the south of England.

In August we were in an estate called Chapelwood Manor. We were here when the Dieppe raid was on. The Spitfires flew overhead towards the French coast all day. The noise of the guns and aircraft was something to remember. We did not know where or what really was going on until the next day or so when we were told the Canadian Second Division raided Dieppe. It was not long before we heard what an absolute disaster the comment faire un regime detox foie was.

We were soon to hear who had taken part in the Dieppe raid. The South Saskatchewan Regiment was one of the regiments of the second Division participating. This battalion held special interest to many of us in the 17 th RCA as we knew a lot of chaps in that unit. We really did not have any contact with these fellows that we knew until my birthday Sept 13, The Davies brothers certainly had some terrible stories about the raid and how they had survived through sheer will to live and being in good shape.

At Chapelwood Manor in the county of Sussex we felt much at home. We were billeted in Nissen huts scattered amongst the estate. The officers were billeted in the Manor where they had their sleeping quarters and mess. Many happy times were spent here. From this area we, as a Regiment, went to the salt flats at Lydd, an area where we did anti-tank shooting. Live rounds which instead of high explosive were AP, which was solid shot.

It was an exhilarating experience to fire at targets being towed by cables in and out of the sand dunes. The gun sergeant observed the fall of shot and called corrections to his crew. I still feel the crack of the muzzle blast as I stood to the side of the gun. Stan Gillespie was my gun layer and I must confess I do not know how many hits we made. While at Nutley we started to do some coastal defence, and the regiment went one battery at a time to Brunswick Square in Hove right on the coast.

Our turn was to come in the latter part of November. While at Hove, C. Howe, minister of National Defence Canada, was to visit the area. All Canadian units in the south east command were forming up at approximately the same time all over the area. We were lined up on one side of Brunswick Square when just over the waves came a cannon firing German plane! Those nearest the coast side saw this plane coming in so low they thought the fire from his cannon was the plane on fire.

Floyd Brooks, then a Captain, said either take cover or scatter and we rushed into the doorways of our houses a spilt second before the plane roared over our heads.

The cannon shells cracking into the pavement that we had just left. I have a piece of German 20mm cannon shell that I picked up from where I stood. Orme Payne was the nearest to the incoming plane and said he gave a warning yell also. The plane went up and over us and dropped a bomb a couple of streets over.

None of us were hit, a miracle. Many sneaky German fighters came into the area that day. Their spies must have sent word out that troop concentrations were to take place and to get a crack at us. The aftermath of this sneak aerial attack was we counted noses and all survived. Here along the Hove Brighton waterfront regime pacs par defaut where this prairie kid enjoyed walking along the seawall especially if the waves were high and the spray flying.

Nels Humble and I often walked along here at the close of day. Of course the beach and the famous pier were all closed and pas de perte de poids avec un bypass beach mined and barbed wire along the seawall.

Also here I was told in early December that I would be taking part in the 5 th Division assault course. I started a bit of training by jogging and walking for miles along the waterfront through Brighton and on to another town east of there. Either just on our Batteries' return to Nutley, or just before, I reported to the Assault school which was held on the estate of Lord Abergavenny. This estate ran from inland right down to the coast.

The Owner's insignia was a Bull's head with three links of chain marking his lane holdings. The first morning we were awakened by a terrific blast of explosive to sound reveille. Well it not only woke us up it blew down a couple of tents. The engineer sgt in charge of setting the blast got a bit carried away with the amount used. After a cold water wash and shave I went to run to breakfast and in my hurry I tripped in the blasted hole on the road ripping my hand open and filling the ripped wound with pieces of asphalt.

These had to be extracted from under the tendons in my palm. Fortunately it healed nicely before the course had begun. On arriving at the camp, all personnel newly arrived were taken by truck some six or seven miles away and unloaded. And at the starter's pistol we had to run back to where we had our tents. There were of us that were on the run and some really fast moving chaps. We ran in ammunition boots shirts and gym shorts. I remember that I came in about 16 th out of thebloody good show I thought as it was up and down hill and quite muddy.

This was just a sample what we would go through the next 20 days, and likely was the easiest. The next 20 days were something else.

In our section we had twelve or fourteen people. I did lose twenty pounds in 19 days and could run like a grey hound. I did not win the commando knife, but was written up in orders for a great showing at the assault course. The assault course was quite an experience. Any of us artillery men especially from our unit were not going to be slackers and our attitude was out going and we certainly let everyone know that the course was not going to beat us. We tried to show the staff and all participants that the gunners were as tough, and could walk, run, and shoot and crawl through the mud filled culverts with the best of them.

I must admit I was not the best at rope work like crossing a rock quarry hand over hand and feet hooked over the rope. A corporal Smith from the Westminster regiment was ahead of me on this crawl along the rope when I guess he passed out and fell face down into the rocks.

This gave the rope a really hard whip and I could see that I could not continue so dropped to the ground with the instructor's voice yelling, "Move It!

Get the hell going! I did not see Smith again. He was picked up by the aid people, regained his health and returned to his unit.

Hoot Gibson and I usually paired up when it came to crawling under machine gun fire or any of the arduous tasks and we always volunteered to go first as that way we could sit and watch the other poor devils go through the hoops after us.

If they were using snipers to fire as you crawled the fire lanes these snipers would get trying to see how many shots they could fire hitting sand bags along your route.